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All I want for Fishmas #6: ATI T5HO Fluorescent Bulbs + Euroquatics E5 Retrofit T5 LED Lamps

  • Marine Depot
  • Dec 18, 2015

This is the sixth installment of our All I want for Fishmas video series and we have some exciting news for all of you using T5 fluorescent lighting over your reef.

The entire line of ATI T5HO bulbs are on sale until the New Year so we decided to give your guys an overview of these lamps and show you why they have become so popular. We also have been hearing quite a bit of buzz about the new Euroquatics E5 Retrofit LED Tubes we have up for preorder on the site and will take a closer look at these game-changing LED tubes.

ATI brand T5 lamps are the most popular T5 lamps we carry. Made in Germany and using the latest advances in phosphors they achieve brilliant output with 5 different color options perfectly tailored for any reef aquarium.

The AquaBlue Special is a full spectrum bulb. It has a cool-white appearance and is visually the brightest of the ATI bulbs.

The Coral Plus has a similar look to the AquaBlue Special but has a bluer appearance as well as a slight hint of red. For hobbyists that prefer a bluer look, the Coral Plus is an excellent alternative to the AquaBlue Special for the “white” bulb in the system.

The Purple Plus is a pink/purple-ish bulb that is used as a supplemental bulb used bring out pink, purple, and red coloration in corals.

The Blue Plus is the more popular of the two ATI ‘blue” bulbs. It combines 460nm blue with 420nm actinic spectrums and produces an intense blue color that will make your corals glow with color and mimic the natural light cycle corals receive in the ocean.

The True Actinic bulb is a supplemental bulb that makes your corals glow. It produces a violet-blue light that peaks at 420nm to maximize fluorescence. The True Actinic bulb is designed to be used as a supplement to metal halide or other T5 lamps. Do note that the True Actinic bulb visually looks a lot dimmer than the Blue Plus bulb.

For those that have been running T5 systems and are wanting to try something different, Euroquatics just released their line of E5 bulbs. These E5 bulbs hold several advantages over traditional T5’s and are definitely worth a closer look.

Euroquatics E5 bulbs can be used as a direct replacement for high output T5 bulb. You do not need to upgrade your fixture or perform any modifications. You also are able to use E5’s alongside T5’s in the same fixture. There are 4 colors are currently available: Warm Daylight, Daylight, Cool Daylight and Blue Pop. Simply swap out the bulbs and you are done!

With the advanced LED technology, Euroquatics E5 bulbs use approximately 45% less power and run cooler while maintaining the same output.

While T5 bulb output drops quickly over time and typically has to be replaced every 7-9 months, E5 bulbs maintain their output extremely well and can be used for up to 8 years! Euroquatics is so confident in the quality of their E5 bulbs that they include a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase.

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Until next time, take care and happy reef keeping.

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