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I’m Dreaming of a Red Sea Christmas—’Tis The Season To Upgrade Your Reefer Aquarium

  • MetroKat
  • Dec 10, 2018

Metrokat’s Reefer 350

Did you have a good time shopping on Black Friday? Here at Marine Depot, it was a Black Friday week with a flurry of activity!

You may have already bought yourself some awesome fish presents, but Fishmas is still to come.

Although I can’t take credit for the title of this article (that goes to my colleague Jeff), these upgrades certainly have me dreaming of a Red Sea Christmas. We are currently running a 0% APR financing promotion for Red Sea Tanks so it is the perfect time to be your own Santa.

Upgrade to a V3 sump!

This upgrade is a dream for those with a current V2 system.  The V3 Reefers have different plumbing and a different sump. The internal overflow plumbing remains the same, only the external pipes beneath the tank have changed. Depending on the size of the reefer tank, the plumbing orientation has also changed.

The V3 ATO reservoir is larger, the sump comes with a removable baffle to turn part of the sump into a dedicated refugium. The pre-fabricated plumbing has been modified to position the flow control valve towards the front of the cabinet and the pipes themselves are angled differently than the previous generation tanks.

The new V3 cabinets come with pre-drilled holes to install brackets that hold the plumbing in place. Swapping out cabinets is not needed but in an ideal world, Red Sea could sell the V3 sump kit (sump, ATO, and plumbing) and you could install your own brackets to hold the pipes in place.

Scott Kohler from Red Sea advises caution, though.

“The individual components could be purchased, ” Kohler said. “They could drill the new holes to accommodate the plumbing so long as they were very careful to fully seal new and existing holes against moisture which could damage the stand and would not be covered under warranty.”

Red Sea does not offer a V3 sump upgrade “kit” as they believe it is cost prohibitive, but they already sell replacement ATO reservoirs and sumps so that’s easy, and if you ordered a V3 sump instead and plumbing parts to match, you would be in business.

Red Sea Skimmer!

Did you get a chance to check out the Red Sea Skimmers at RAP this year? They are expected to be available to ship mid January according to Scott Kohler at Red Sea. The best part? The skimmers have an integrated neck cleaner! It’s a manual cleaner but hey it is a cleaner – a must have function IMO and quite possibly the reason I want this skimmer so bad.

The Sicce pump it comes with is known for reliability and efficiency. In addition to a skimmate drain, the skimmer comes with a 3 foot long drain hose.

There are 2 positioning options for the skimmer and the control knob offers precise control to get the right skimming for your system.

Red Sea has not officially released a price yet and there are 3 sizes to choose from.

So that’s my short list of dream upgrades for the Reefer tanks. If you can’t wait, perhaps the previous article on the mods I did to my Reefer 350 is a good upgrade to do right now.

Happy Holidays.

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