Freshwater & Marine Aquarium Books, Aquarium Fish Books & CDs

Setup Books
If you're unsure of how to set-up an aquarium, we carry several informative—yet easy-to-understand—books that will help get you going.
Corals/Invert Books
Topics include coral identification, selection and properly caring for the needs of each animal. We also carry several books on coral propagation.
Fish Books
Fish books focus on fish identification and how to create the proper environment for each species in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.
A journal is a great tool for keeping track of maintenance, when new additions were added or numerous other tasks.
Miscellaneous Subject Books
There are some subjects that fall just outside some of our more popular subject matter but are just as important to learn about. Topics such as algae and live sand are explored.
Saltwater Books
Learn how to setup a marine or reef tank, identify livestock, coral propagation, fish breeding and more. These books are extremely comprehensive and feature up-to-date information from the well-respected authors involved in the hobby.
We carry a large selection of aquarium books on a variety of hobby-related subjects, including: aquarium setup, fish and coral identification and proper husbandry techniques.

For novice to intermediate reefkeepers, The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by R. Fenner or Natural Reef Aquariums by J. Tullock are great books to help you get started in the hobby. For intermediate to advanced aquarists, Aquarium Corals by E. Borneman and The Reef Aquarium Vol. 1,2 & 3 by Delbeek and Sprung are popular and will certainly further your knowledge of the hobby.

For coral identification, try Corals: A Quick Reference Guide by Sprung or Corals of the World (3 Volume Set) by J.E.N. Veron. For aquarium fish books, the PocketExpert Guide: Marine Fishes by Scott W. Michael, World Atlas of Marine Fishes by Kuiter and Debelius and The Reef Fishes Series by Scott W. Michael are great choices which are popular among saltwater aquarium enthusiasts.