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Coral RX

Coral Rx was developed in 2006 for two purposes: To treat corals suffering from parasites, and as a prophylactic measure to promote healthy corals before parasites or bacterial infections become harmful.

Coral Rx is tough on parasites, yet gentle on your coral (contains no iodine or oxidizers) allowing you to be proactive in protecting your investment.

Coral Rx can be purchased at different concentration levels including Coral Rx and Coral Rx Pro.

Coral Rx was designed by keeping the health of your coral in mind. Their proprietary blend of natural ingredients contains no iodine, which is known to stain corals, nor does Coral Rx contain oxidizers whose by-products are often toxic and continue to react with surrounding tissue. Coral RX


Coral RX Coral Dip - 8 oz
Coral RX One Shot Coral Dip (5 Pack)