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Piscine Energetics Inc

Piscine Energetics Inc., headquartered in British Columbia, Canada has been revolutionizing the ornamental aquaculture and aquarium industry through innovation in aquatic nutrition. Piscine Energetics MYSIS SHRIMP (PE MYSIS) is a nutritionally complete fish food harvested from the pristine glacial lakes of Canada. For over a decade PE MYSIS has been used by mariculture and ornamental aquaculture facilities, research institutions, and public aquariums around the globe, earning a reputation around the globe as "the curator’s choice."

PE MYSIS perform a daily 500ft vertical migration in near freezing water in order to feed on micro algae, phytoplankton and zooplankton near the surface of the lake.

As a result of teh energy required to make this vertical migration, PE MYSIS store remarkable levels of beneficial Omega 3 and Omega 6 highly unsaturated fatty acids, long chain amino acid proteins, powerful antioxidants and color enhancing caratenoids such a astaxanthin.

PE MYSIS are harvested when the shrimp are feeding and flash frozen in order to provide your fish and corals with a fresh, naturally gut loaded, nutritionally complete and life like food source.

PE MYSIS are exellent for feeding a wide variety of freshwater and marine aquarium fish and LPS corals! Piscine Energetics Inc


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