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Bucephalandra Sp. Live Freshwater Plant - Aquatic Farmer

Bucephalandra Sp. Live Freshwater Plant - Aquatic Farmer


Item #: JB2210

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Bucephandra Sp features small, rounded green leaves, and is hardy and undemanding by nature. It works well as a midground choice in planted tanks and does best when attached to aquarium hardscapes such as stones and driftwood. Low light and clean water are the bare minimum for this species, but additional care such as CO2 injection and a regular dosing schedule will provide for better, faster growth. Care for bucephalandra is similar to Anubias, Cryptocoryne and Java Ferns. It can be propagated by cutting the rhizome and attached to driftwood and rocks using super glue gel or thread.


Growth Height (leaves) 1-3" Origin Southeast Asia
Usage Aquascaping, Attach to Hardscape Type Epiphyte
Family Araceae Genus Bucephalandra
Breeding Cutting, Rhizome Division Growth Speed Slow
pH 6-7.5 Water hardness °dh








Low to Moderate




Manufacturer information

Aquatic Farms was founded by a lifetime aquaculture hobbyist and has grown to become the premier brand for In-Vitro tissue cultured plants. Tissue culture plants are grown from a state-of-the-art laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants, providing the best option for those who want to prevent the introduction of unwanted pests into the aquarium.

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