Korallin Calcium Reactor

Korallin Calcium Reactor The already best-selling Kalkreaktor (Calcium Reactor) in Germany has become even better. It completely replaces Kalkwasser, 1 or 2-part Calcium/Buffer powder & liquid dosing. The new and improved Korallin kalkreaktor allows a simple, elegant and high efficiency production of calcium hydrogen carbonate including the necessary balanced carbonic acid. Sit back and watch your aquarium's pH and dKH being kept at optimum levels. Together with our reliable CO2 System, this is the most maintenance-free Kalkreaktor setup in the world.
Ca2+ + 2HCO3 = Ca(HCO3)2 = CaCO3 + H2CO3 Calcium + Hydrogen Carbonate =
Calcium Hydrogen Carbonate = Calcium Carbonate + Carbonic Acid
A Kalkreaktor setup (ie: one with CO2 System and CaCO3 media) is expensive only at the beginning. You save money in the long term because a 5-pound CO2 refill ($12) lasts you 1.5 years on our Kalkreaktor (and only ours) while a 7-kg CaCO3 media ($42 and good enough for 2 refills) lasts you up to 1 year! And no more tedious daily Calcium dosing. A pH Controller is not required for our Kalkreaktor because there is no chance for the excessive CO2 to escape into your system like ALL other brands on the market. A pH Monitor is a nice equipment to have for fast pH measuring. Though pH Test Kit and pH Pen-monitor can still be used for this purpose.
Reef Aquarium
The internal recirculation flow rate of the C-1502 is around 80 g/h. Since that this is a pressurized Kalkreaktor, the dissolution of the media by the carbonized water is enhanced. The effluent rate is only about 0.25 g/h at 40 drops/min. Thus explaining the efficient CO2 & media use. CO2 is being introduced into the Eheim powerhead direct—this is the most efficient Aspirating-Venturi method.

Korallin Calcium ReactorFeatures:
  • Top-loading & access w/ enhanced O-ring seal
  • 'Auto-fill' Integrated Bubble Counter on one water circuit (ie: water never evaporates)
  • Detachable Tru-Union couplings w/ O-rings for easy handling, safe shipping, upgrading and leak proof
  • Integrated 'industrial-grade' Brass Check Valve from German Air Pressure Systems to prevent back flow of pressurized saltwater
  • Improved engineering for stronger water circulation and suction
  • Secure German airline tubing connectors
  • Medical-use Miniature Quick Disconnect Couplings w/ shut-off 3 Inlet & outlet facing same direction
  • Special elbow for flexible airline tubing mounting
  • Heavy-duty Excelon construction w/ no unsightly and fragile hangover tubing
  • Top pump-mounting design
  • Self-suction water intake by the silent Eheim pump eliminates the use of a dedicated powerhead, gravity-fed or tee-off methods. It also serves for water recirculation.
  • Water circuit interruption in case of CO2 overdose—our exclusive CO2 Safety Feature
  • Visual excessive CO2 check w/ ventilation valve for quick release
  • Dual effluent outlets to suit different systems
  • Aspirating-Venturi technology utilizes only 10 CO2 bubbles/min. and up—most efficient use of both CO2 gas and CaCO3 media
  • The most compact and versatile positioning Kalkreaktor in its class—6.25" small foot print + 15.75" total height—external or in-sump
  • Micro-adjustable miniature ball valve to maintain a consistent effluent drip rate
  • Slightly larger (German size) airline tubing for more consistent water flow
  • Strainer to protect Eheim pump from loose media particles
  • Korallin C-1502—Rated for up to 400gal. Reactor height: approx. 15.75"; Diameter: 4.50";
    Ground: 6.30"; Filling amount: 3 kgs (6.6lbs); Eheim 1048 Pump.
  • Korallin C-3002—Rated for up to 800gal. Reactor height: approx. 28.00"; Diameter: 4.50";
    Ground: 6.30"; Filling amount: 6 kgs (13.2lbs); Eheim 1048 Pump.
  • Korallin C-4002—Rated for up to 1600gal. Reactor height: approx. 24.00"; Diameter: 6.30";
    Ground: 7.50"; Filling amount: 10 kgs (22lbs); Eheim 1250 Pump.
  • Korallin C-10002—Rated for up to 3000gal. Reactor height: approx. 43.30"; Diameter: 6.30";
    Ground: 7.50"; Filling amount: 20 kgs (44lbs); Eheim 1260 Pump.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
KL1502Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor with Eheim Pump$399.49 $355.55
KL3002Korallin C3002 Calcium Reactor with Eheim Pump$502.49 $447.22
KL4002Korallin C4002 Calcium Reactor with Eheim Pump - Media Not Included$627.99 $558.91
KL10002Korallin C10002 Calcium Reactor with Eheim Pump$877.49 $780.97
Item #Package DescriptionPrice 
KTKLCP1Korallin Calcium Reactor 1502 Package 1$538.99 $479.70
KTKLCP2Korallin Calcium Reactor 1502 Package 2$618.99 $550.90
KTKLCP31Korallin Calcium Reactor 3002 PACKAGE 1$637.49 $567.37
KTKLCP32Korallin Calcium Reactor 3002 PACKAGE 2$773.92 $688.79
Replacement Parts
Item #DescriptionPrice 
OE1137Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump$39.99 $35.59
OE1140Tom Aquatics Aqua Lifter Suction Pre-Filter$4.99 $4.44
KL3111Replacement Korallin C-1502/3002 Inlet Assembly with Bubble Counter (Einlauf)$80.49 $71.64
KL3113Replacement Korallin C-1502/3002 Outlet Assembly (Auslauf)$43.99 $39.15
KL3115CO2 Brass Check Valve$43.49 $38.71
KL3117Replacement Korallin C-4002 Inlet Assembly with Bubble Counter$91.99 $81.87
KL3123Korallin Lid with pH Probe Port for C-1502/3002$65.99 $58.73
KL3125Korallin Replacement Screws for Reactor Lid$10.49 $9.34
KL3127O-Ring for Korallin Reactors$7.49 $6.67
FT0002Flow Control Pinch Valve$13.99 $12.45
KL3129Korallin Flow Control Valve (Orange)$5.99 $5.33
KL3131Filter Pad for Korallin Reactor$3.49 $3.11
Item #DescriptionPrice 
AMPHMKAmerican Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor Package$108.99 $97.00
AM1111American Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor$91.99 $81.87
AM1311American Marine Pinpoint pH Controller$215.00 $191.35
AM1421American Marine Pinpoint AC Adapter Kit$10.99 $9.78
AM1413American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #4$1.62 $1.44
AM1415American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #7$1.48 $1.32
AM1417American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #10$1.48 $1.32