Aquarium Chillers & Fish Tank Chillers

Aqua Euro USA Aquarium Water Chillers
These Titanium chillers will acurately and quickly lower the temperature of your aquarium. The included Digital LED Temperature Display Control makes it easy to set it and forget it.
Aqua Euro USA Aquarium CWater hillers
Titanium chillers for freshwater and saltwater tanks with integrated dual thermostat and digital display, for precise temperature control. Quiet, durable and reliable. Compact in design and easy to use. Perfect for Nano-Tank Cabinets.
Aqua Logic Aquarium Chillers
Performance and reliability have made the Aqua Logic line of chillers the premier choice for professional aquarists worldwide. Drop-in and in-line models are available from 1/5 HP and up and all include a full 2-year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase.
Aqua Logic Trimline Fish Tank Chillers
Manufactured to the precise standards of the original models. Uses the same reliable components of the original models but now in a smaller, more compact design.
Coralife Aquarium Chillers
Provides accurate temperature control with the quality construction and durability you have come to expect. Reusable Air Filter. Adjustable Inlet and Outlet Connection. Programmable LED Display. One Year Limited Warranty.
IceProbe Fish Tank Chiller
DIY components for nano and micro reef aquariums. Uses thermoelectric cooling so it is extremely reliable and requires no refrigerants. 1 year warranty.
JBJ Arctica Titanium Aquarium Chillers
JBJ's state-of-the-art chillers. Energy efficient, quiet operation and full auto digital temperature control system.
MicroChiller Aquarium Water Chiller
For nano reef tanks up to 10 gallons. Simple to install, hang on the back chiller. This chiller can bring down the temperature in a 10 gallon tank up to 4-6 degrees. 1 year warranty.
Cooling Fans
Inexpensive options to cool down your tank. Also includes replacement fans for your light fixtures.
Monitoring your water temperature is important to maintain a stable enviornment in your aquarium.
Aquarium water chillers are available in two forms: drop-in and in-line. Drop-in fish tank chillers have coils which you simply place in a sump to cool the water, no plumbing required. In-line fish tank chillers, on the other hand, have internal cooling coils. Water is pumped into the aquarium chiller, cooled, and then returned to the tank or sump. The chief advantage of an in-line fish tank chiller is that it can be setup away from the tank (such as in a basement, another room or in the garage).

For nano aquariums and tanks up to 50 gallons, some of our best sellers are the IceProbe, MicroChiller, Current USA’s Nano or Mini and JBJ’s Nano and Mini chillers. For 50 gallon tanks or larger, customer favorites include Aqua Logic, Current USA Prime, JBJ Artica and TECO chillers.

Temperature controllers are necessary to operate a chiller. Single-stage controllers will control only the chiller, while a dual-stage controller can control both a chiller and a heater to minimize variance and eliminate conflicts.