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Find aquarium supplements, including the best reef supplements like: calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, bacteria supplements, coral additives, and aquarium vitamins.

Marine Depot carries the best aquarium additives and reef supplements, products that benefit fish, plants, and corals.

The best supplements for reef tanks are the major elements calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium, often combined as a 2-part system, which provide the building blocks for coral and coralline algae. These reef tank supplements replenish what corals consume as they grow.

Reef supplements also include amino acids, minor, and trace elements that help corals flourish. Coral foods also promote coral growth and vibrant colors. Bacteria aquarium additives are an excellent way to reduce waste, clarify water, and provide nutrition for coral. Some aquarium additives remove unwanted elements. Water conditioners dechlorinate and detoxify impurities. Pest and algae control additives remove nuisance organisms.

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Korallin Magnesium Plus 500mL
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Korallin Magnesium Plus 500mL