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Pest Control

Need help with aquarium pests? Marine Depot has proven, reef safe solutions for aiptasia, flatworms, and many other pests.

Aiptasia and majano anemones are pests that spread quickly and sting corals. An additive, like aiptasia X, can be directly applied to the anemones so they melt. The majano wand is another good removal tool.

A planarian flatworm outbreak doesn’t directly harm corals but can rob them of light for photosynthesis. Aquarium flatworms can be removed with medication like Flatworm Exit, but they release toxin as they die so a water change is necessary.

A bristle worm, while unsightly, is generally harmless. Get rid of bristle worms with a bristle worm trap.

Have questions about aquarium pest control? Contact our expert support for solutions.


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