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Air Pumps

Looking for the best aquarium air pump? We have quiet, reliable, and powerful fish tank air pumps for aquariums small and large.

A fish tank air pump is an aquarium aerator that provides vital oxygen for fish and invertebrates while also providing water circulation. Aquarium aeration is one of the most basic needs for fish tank health.

Need to know the aquarium aeration basics? A fish tank aerator sends air through airline tubing and then through an air stone, which creates tiny bubbles. These bubbles oxygenate and circulate the water.

Although most saltwater aquariums, and many modern freshwater tanks, use powerheads to circulate water, an air pump should still be part of every aquarist’s kit. An air pump can power a quarantine or hospital tank and serve as backup in case a powerhead fails. A battery powered air pump is a literal lifesaver in an extended power outage or during transportation.

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