Aquarium Lights

Looking for the best aquarium light, especially reef lighting and planted aquarium lighting? We have the best aquarium led lighting.

Fish tank lights are a vital aquarium part, providing light to inhabitants and enhancing their colors. While fish only aquariums can use basic lighting, some advanced led aquarium lighting can simulate natural light cycles and weather. Freshwater aquarium lighting is typically yellow (near 6000k). Saltwater aquarium lights are typically cool white to blue (10,000k–20,000k).

Reef tank lighting is high output to grow corals. High output led reef lighting is often modular, with several modules covering a tank. Many led fixtures are controllable—the user can shift color and intensity throughout the day to simulate dawn and dusk. Some hobbyists prefer t5 aquarium lights or metal halide lighting because they produce good coral growth and color.

We also carry aquarium light bulbs, aquarium lighting mounts, and other lighting accessories.
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Gauge 16 Power Cord
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Gauge 16 Power Cord