T5 Lighting

T5 aquarium light fixtures use powerful T5HO bulbs. A T5 HO fixture offers great color, even spread, and high intensity for a planted aquarium or reef tank

A T5HO is a thin, 5/8 inch diameter, high output fluorescent tube. A high output T5 fixture has many advantages. Whereas LEDs have hot spots and create shadows, T5 produces even light with nice fluorescence and the high output live corals and plants demand. The thin T5 bulb allows for individual reflectors, which focuses more light into the fish tank. A T5 HO fixture typically comes in 4, 6, or 8 bulb configurations. If you’re looking for a T5 reef fixture, a 4 bulb t5 fixture is great for a planted tank, shallow reef, or soft coral reef tank, while an 8 bulb T5 fixture will support high light sps corals in most fish tanks. Combine from a wide variety of bulbs to create the perfect color balance.
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Gauge 16 Power Cord
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Gauge 16 Power Cord