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Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium maintenance, including water changes, vacuuming with an aquarium siphon, and cleaning the glass, is vital for a healthy fish tank.

Want to know how to do an aquarium water change, the most important part of fish tank maintenance? Here’s how it works:

Waste builds up over time in an aquarium. So, the solution to pollution is dilution. First, bring purified water to the right temperature. If you are doing saltwater tank maintenance, you will need salt mix and a refractometer. Clean the glass using an algae scraper or aquarium magnet. Then, remove most of the settled waste using a gravel cleaner. Prune nuisance algae using aquarium tweezers. Finally, add the new water to the tank. Clean the outside of the glass with an aquarium glass cleaner or acrylic aquarium cleaner (regular glass cleaner has toxic ammonia). Aquarium gloves help make the process less messy.

Have any questions about freshwater or saltwater aquarium maintenance? Contact our experts for support.

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