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75-120 Gallons

Find fish tanks for sale from 75-120 gallons, including fully featured aquarium tanks with stand, lighting, and filtration, like the Red Sea aquariums.

Many modern aquarium tanks are rimless aquariums, meaning they have thicker glass with no trim at the top. Rimless fish tanks are often fully open on top, which dissipates heat and gives a museum like presentation. Low iron glass aquariums, which have high clarity aquarium glass, are also popular.

Many saltwater 75-120 gallon aquarium systems will use a sump, a secondary tank under the display tank that increases water volume and houses powerful filtration, such as a protein skimmer and/or refugium. For a reef tank, you also want to consider high intensity led lighting to maximize coral growth and enhance presentation.

Looking to set up a 90 gallon aquarium or something similar? We have the supplies and support you need to succeed.

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