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CO2 Injection

What is CO2 injection? Carbon dioxide injection is used with a calcium reactor (for coral growth) or freshwater planted aquarium (to grow live aquarium plants).

While beginning hobbyists don’t need CO2 injection, may advanced hobbyists do. For a reef aquarium, a calcium reactor, like the AquaMaxx nano calcium reactor, constantly provides major and minor elements for coral growth by melting crushed coral media. In addition to the reactor and media, a CO2 cylinder, aquarium CO2 regulator, and CO2 tubing is necessary.

Some freshwater planted tanks use CO2 injection. While a low-tech planted tank does not use CO2 injection, a high-tech planted CO2 aquarium will use a CO2 system that includes a CO2 diffusor, CO2 bottle, CO2 regulator, and CO2 tubing.

Want to know how to use CO2 injection? Our aquarium experts are available to guide you.