Controllers & Timers

An aquarium controller—like the Neptune Systems Apex Controller—allows sophisticated aquarium control, monitoring, and recording, even remotely by aquarium app.

The Apex aquarium controller allows unprecedented aquarium management, including a digital temperature controller to manage heater and chiller, pump control to manage return pump and powerheads, a pH probe and controller, and a digital light timer, all in a small aquarium computer. Add-on modules allow dosing, auto top off, automatic feeders, and much more.

If the cost or programming of an aquarium computer is an issue, we also carry individual aquarium monitor and controller options. A pH controller can automate co2 injection for a calcium reactor or planted tank. An aquarium temperature controller can ensure your tank does not overheat. A modern aquarium light timer can simulate sunrise and sunset with compatible fixtures.
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Somatic Sensor Holder
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Somatic Sensor Holder