Filter Media

What is the best filter media? Aquarium filter comes in many shapes, sizes, and styles to improve aquarium filtration and foster fish health.

Fish tank filter media can be divided into categories: biological, chemical, mechanical. Canister filter media usually includes all three using ceramic filter media, carbon filter media, and filter pads. Biological media breeds bacteria that process ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Mechanical filter media, like filter pads, trap waste. Carbon and other chemical media traps waste and organics. The three together comprise basic fish tank filter media.

Biological filter media is rarely replaced: doing so removes beneficial bacteria. Chemical aquarium media, like carbon, needs to be regularly replaced to remove the trapped waste. Mechanical filtration media, like filter pads, needs to be rinsed or replaced frequently, otherwise the waste decomposes and fouls the water.

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Vertex Technologies Rox 0.8 Carbon Filter Media - 1000ml
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Vertex Technologies Rox 0.8 Carbon Filter Media - 1000ml