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What is the best aquarium filter? Fish tank filter systems come in various styles to meet different needs. We’ll help you choose the best fish filter for you.

A small fish tank filter can be a power filter, a hob filter (hang on back) with filter cartridges that clean and circulate water. An aquarium canister filter sits under the aquarium and uses tubes to move water from the tank to the filter. The best canister filter will move plenty of water and house enough media to support the tank.

The best saltwater aquarium filter is a sump filter, an extra tank under the main tank that increases water volume, hides the water heater, and houses powerful filtration, like a protein skimmer. Many sumps include a refugium, a small ‘refuge’ for growing macroalgae, copepods, and beneficial bacteria.

Many aquarists supplement their main water filter with a media reactor to remove waste, breed bacteria or control algae.

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