Canister Filters

Kick cloudy aquarium water to the curb with a canister filter, a customizable fish tank filter that handles basic aquarium filtration and circulation.

An aquarium canister filter is an enclosed filter and pump that sits under the aquarium. Inlet and outlet hoses move water through the filter and back to the tank. Trays inside the aquarium filter hold canister filter media, which are separated to permit easy aquarium maintenance. Canister filter setup and maintenance is easy. Popular filter media choices include (in order): coarse filter pads, activated carbon, biological media, and fine filter pads. The stages collect progressively smaller waste. A fish tank canister filter can be customized with other media to suit your needs. Some canister filters add features like electronic control, UV sterilizer, or external aquarium heater.

One of the best canister filter options is the Eheim canister filter, a hobby proven European brand with many options and sizes.
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Somatic 90 Drain Cover
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Somatic 90 Drain Cover