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Fish & Coral Food

We have premium fish food and the best coral food, including frozen fish food. We also sell automatic fish feeder, coral feeder, and other products.

Fish benefit from a variety of foods, so feed a wide selection that includes fish pellets and fish food flakes. Aquarium seaweed benefits many herbivorous and omnivorous fish. Many fish food pellets slowly sink, allowing top and bottom feeding fish to get food. Only feed what the fish can eat in two or three minutes. Frozen foods, like mysis shrimp, are nutritious choices. Be sure to thaw and rinse in a fine strainer first to remove impurities.

Corals benefit from feeding a few times a week. Coral frenzy is a powder that makes a great soft and sps coral food. Phytoplankton for corals also provides great nutrition to help growth. A coral feeder can help target feed so that food is not wasted.

An auto fish feeder is a great way to dispense fish pellets or flakes, and a good way to feed an aquarium during vacation.

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