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Feeding Tools

Aquarium feeding tools, like coral feeding tubes or a fish feeder, help get the coral and fish food where it needs to be without producing a dirty fish tank.

What is the best coral feeder? A coral feeding pipette, like a mini turkey baster, directs coral food directly to coral heads, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste. Feeding corals becomes more hands on, allowing the aquarist to target feed every coral which will promote fast growing corals.

Want to know how to feed seaweed to fish? A magnetic algae clip for aquarium use or pouch feeder attaches to the glass. Aquarium seaweed is then attached to the magnetic seaweed clip, allowing the fish to graze like in the wild.

A fish feeder concentrates fish pellets or flakes in one area of the fish tank. Fish then congregate under the feeder, preventing food from going uneaten.