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Fragging Tools

Buy coral propagation supplies for fragging coral. Assemble the best coral fragging kit for trading and selling corals.

What is fragging? Coral frags, or fragments, are small coral colonies cut from a parent colony that can then be sold or traded.

Want to know how to frag sps coral? A stony coral frag can be cut using a coral bone cutter or, for the pros, a wet band saw for coral like the Gryphon Aquasaw. The sps frag is then glued to a frag plug.

Fragging soft corals requires a coral scalpel. For example, when fragging zoas a cut is made between heads and then below the mat tissue. A mushroom coral is split by cutting through the mouth and fragged by cutting under the mat. Some soft corals attach to frag disks with coral glue, others attach themselves over time, held in place with string.

Have questions about how to frag coral? Contact our expert support for the knowledge and supplies you need to succeed.

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