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External Skimmers

What is a protein skimmer? A protein skimmer is a saltwater tank filter that replicates the ocean’s natural filtration. Crashing waves produce foam that attracts organic material, which is then deposited on shore. A protein skimmer creates foam in a chamber that attracts waste as it rises out of the water into a collection cup for removal. A saltwater protein skimmer is the main filter in a saltwater fish tank setup.

What is a recirculating protein skimmer? An external protein skimmer, like the Reef Octopus skimmer 150 EXT, sits outside the aquarium and sump. A feed pump (sold separately) moves water through the aquarium, while a recirculating venturi pump creates foam and moves water within the skimmer. The result is longer contact time, which improves the aquarium filtration. Using two pumps also gives you greater control over protein skimmer performance.


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