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RO Systems

Use an aquarium reverse osmosis water filter, or RO system, to transform toxic tap water into clean fish tank water that will reduce algae in fish tank.

What is reverse osmosis? A reverse osmosis machine purifies pressurized tap water through a multi-stage process. The prefilters, usually a sediment and carbon cartridge, remove large particles and some toxins. The reverse osmosis membrane then purifies the water.

Can you use reverse osmosis water in a fish tank? Chlorine and fish do not mix. An aquarium reverse osmosis system removes chlorine and other contaminants to create about 95% pure water for water changes and aquarium top off. An RO system is a great choice to ensure high freshwater aquarium water quality while preserving some minerals. For a saltwater aquarium, we recommend an RO/DI system. You can also drink RO water.

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