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Sand and Gravel

Sand and gravel are used as aquarium substrate, which provides a natural filter and breeding ground for beneficial bacteria, as well as a natural habitat.

Saltwater aquarium sand is often made of aragonite, calcium carbonate material that slowly releases calcium and raises pH (except black aquarium sand).

Live sand is shipped wet with beneficial bacteria, reducing time to cycle an aquarium. Dry sand ships without bacteria but becomes filled with life over time. CaribSea sugar sand is very fine, allowing a lot of bacterial filtration, but is easily stirred up. A medium grain sand is always a great choice.

A 1-2 inch sand bed is ideal for most saltwater aquariums. Some reef tanks use refugium mud, which harbors bacteria and releases trace elements. Use our sand bed calculator to determine how much you need.

Freshwater aquarium gravel comes in many colors and shapes. Most freshwater aquarium can use any fish tank sand or gravel, except reef sand, which raises the pH.

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