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UV Sterilizers & Ozone

Why use an ozone generator or uv sterilizer for fish tank? An ultraviolet sterilizer or ozonizer raises water quality, improves clarity, and kills parasites.

UV light sterilization passes water through a tube with a UV bulb inside. A UV water sterilizer removes floating algae and, with slow water flow, sterilizes many aquarium parasites like ich. UV sterilization is a great strategy for managing pests and improving water quality. While a small tank can use an internal or submersible UV sterilizer, most hobbyists use an inline UV sterilizer that attaches to a return hose. UV bulb replacement should be done once a year.

Want to know how to set up ozone in aquarium systems? An ozonizer creates ozone, which dissolves waste and reduces algae in the water, but is mildly toxic. Since ozone is highly reactive, it is pumped into a protein skimmer or reaction chamber, where the ozone dissipates without entering the main aquarium. An ORP controller manages the production of ozone.


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