CO2 Regulators and Cylinders for Aquariums

Many advanced aquarists use CO2 injection to nourish coral or freshwater plants. A CO2 system requires a CO2 cylinder and CO2 regulator. The CO2 tank stores the CO2. Marine Depot sells a 5lb CO2 tank and a 10lb CO2 tank.

The CO2 regulator attaches to the CO2 tank and regulates the flow of CO2 . Pressure gauges display tank pressure and the pressure of the CO2 flow. The main regulator valve sets the rate of CO2 injection, while the needle valve allows fine tuning. A bubble counter allows for manual measurement of CO2 .

CO2 tanks are highly pressurized, so be sure to read and follow the regulator instructions closely. The main CO2 and regulator valves must be opened in the correct order.
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