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Coral Essentials Carbonate + Trace Supplement - 500 ml

Coral Essentials Carbonate + Trace Supplement - 500 ml


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Supplying our reefs with the essential elements for them to thrive is key to having a successful system. Carbonate + Trace is a blend of essential trace elements that help promote healthy, balanced coral growth, when used with Coral Essentials Calcium + Trace to lay the foundation for a successful and beautiful system.

Carbonate + Trace is a concentrated source, primarily of liquid calcium, with a unique blend of trace elements, so adding those trace elements separately is unnecessary.  The blend is formulated to be used with a moderately populated SPS system, so hobbyists with a densely populated aquarium may need to add more Coral Power Trace A and B to the system.

Calcium + Trace formula includes:

  • Sodium carbonate
  • Sodium fluoride
  • Poatssium iodide
  • RO water


  • 1 ml of Carbonate + Trace to raise alkalinity 1 ppm per 25 gallons of aquarium water
  • For additional Trace supplementation: Coral Power Trace A and B starting dose should be 0.25 ml (each)
  • Testing is required to dial in the proper dosing your aquarium needs.  Not all reef systems are alike, so core and trace element depletion rate will vary, so dosing and testing periodically is required.  

Manufacturer information

At Coral Essentials we live for coral. It’s our passion, our love, our life. We produce the best commercially aquacultured SPS coral in Australia and export all around the world. Our Coral Essentials range is based on the techniques we`ve adopted from thorough experimentation growing coral in marine aquarium environments, from small aquariums to large scale commercial aquaculture facilities. Our knowledge gained from years of testing a multitude of different supplement regiments has resulted in superior products for a closed system marine environment.

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