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Coral Power FW Flatworm and Pest Dip (50ml) - Coral Essentials

Coral Power FW Flatworm and Pest Dip (50ml) - Coral Essentials


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Coral Power FW Dip for Flatworms and Pests (50 ml) - Coral Essentials

Coral Power FW Dip by Coral Essentials is a blend of Tea Tree oil and isopropyl alcohol designed to remove flatworms from corals.

Although the treatment in useful for removing flatworms from most coral types, it is especially effective in SPS corals. It is not recommended for use on Montipora species.

  • Dilute 1ml of Coral Power FW Dip per 1 litre of saltwater from your system.
  • Place the affected coral so it is fully submerged into the solution for a period fo 30 sec - 1 minute.
  • Shake the coral vigorously in the solution using a twisting motion to remove the flatworm from the coral structure.
  • Rinse the coral in saltwater in a separate container before returning to your tank.
  • Repeat the process in 7 days, if required, to break the breeding cycle.

Manufacturer information

At Coral Essentials we live for coral. It’s our passion, our love, our life. We produce the best commercially aquacultured SPS coral in Australia and export all around the world. Our Coral Essentials range is based on the techniques we`ve adopted from thorough experimentation growing coral in marine aquarium environments, from small aquariums to large scale commercial aquaculture facilities. Our knowledge gained from years of testing a multitude of different supplement regiments has resulted in superior products for a closed system marine environment.

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