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CPR Aquatic Nano Tumbler Media Reactor


Item #: CR06120

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CPR Tumblers make adding chemical filtration media to saltwater and freshwater aquariums significantly easier and more effective than currently used methods. Instead of running media passively by placing it into a mesh bag, try using the CPR Nano Tumbler to run your media actively and with proper fluidization. This will allow your media to be used more efficiently, so that the media gets used properly and reduces the amount of maintenance you will have to do on your tank!

The Tumbler can fluidize your media from a very gentle flow to a more aggressive tumble for media such as bio-plastics. Most all media will benefit from being fluidized the proper amount. The Tumblers include a number of other features to make it easier to keep your aquarium looking healthy and clean:

  • Small footprint – use relatively little tank/sump space
  • Easy installation and maintenance – simple mounting and cap design
  • Low energy consumption - 3W pump
  • Adjustable upward fluidization – achieve the proper fluidized state for each media
  • Multiple media options – for use with most types of coarse/granular media*
  • * For use with fine media, purchase the Fine Media Kit, or add a mesh bag or filter pad/sponge inside of the reactor body
  • Total capacity – 450ml (remember to account for space needed during fluidization)
  • Tank rating – depends on media being used and amount of media needed
  • Recommended bio-plastics capacity – up to 225 ml (depending on density and fluidization)
  • Energy consumption - 3W
  • Voltage/Frequency - 115V/60Hz
  • Dimensions (including pump) – 3 ½" L x 2" W x 11" H
  • Feed pump
  • Reactor body
  • Lid and cover assembly
  • Coarse media screens (2)

Manufacturer information

CPR Aquatic Aquarium Supplies
In Arcata, located in Northern California, the sea is a way of life. From the advanced Marine Biology department at Humboldt State University, just up the hill from CPR’s headquarters, to Humboldt Bay, about a mile west, CPR is nestled in a perfect environment to develop equipment for marine aquariums. CPR was started in a small garage in 1987 to produce biological filters for local aquarists. People who used CPR filters were impressed by the high quality and affordable prices. Word spread and the company grew. Since then, CPR has expanded to a 10,000 sq. ft. production facility and has developed many innovative products over the years. CPR is incorporating new ideas and technologies all the time. Their goal is to allow aquarists to place the highest performing products in their tanks at reasonable prices.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
May 18, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good product

Works great the only thing is the pump dosent hold in snug to the reactor but it does the job

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robert hart

Reviewed on
July 08, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

Perfect size for Nuvo 8

Drop-in installation into the rear sump section in a Nuvo 8 nano reef aquarium worked perfectly. This is the only reactor that I could find that could be mounted internally in this small aquarium.

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valynda turner

Reviewed on
October 18, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.


Motor was crack. I had a problem with motor staying on. Currently, the motor is staying on and the tumble appears to be working. My phosphates level is down. I don't know if it is because of tumbler or Rx phosphate removal.

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rainier castillo

Reviewed on
July 05, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Nice and Compact

I bought this reactor for my 34g nano. At first, I was getting a lot of flow and quite fun to watch the "Pearl" media tumbling all over the chamber. 2 months later, for some reason, it's not tumbling as much anymore. This reactor comes with the RIO 180... I may have to upgrade to the RIO 200 to get more flow and start tumbling again. I would recommend this item because of the right price and the perfect size.

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christopher belson

Reviewed on
July 01, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Finally, a product that FITS.

I have a Biocube 29, and on a few occasions, I've bought equipment online that, based on posted dimensions ought to have fit in the back chambers, but didn't. This reactor fits in chamber 2 beautifully, even with the suction cups on. It is a little difficult to adjust the flow rate with the knob under the unit, but overall it's a very small unit with a good size media chamber.

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piotr kulesza

Reviewed on
May 18, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great Product

I really like this product, it is easy to assemble and use. It can tumble all kinds of media since it has a controllable valve. One piece of advice is that if you want to use fine media don't bother buying their fine media kit. Cut a square piece of mesh from a media bag matching the dimensions of the included large media mesh and just put it underneath it and it will work perfectly. Overall great product and would without hesitation buy another one.

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ruben salcido

Reviewed on
March 25, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Tumbler Media Reactor

great reactor for a 24 gal tank

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edward destefano iii

Reviewed on
February 08, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

CPR Tumbler

This unit was very easy to set up. I couldn't fit it into the refugium of my Red Sea 150 tank but had no problem fitting it into the tank alongside the water return. It is very space efficient and works well.

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Reviewed on
January 17, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Perfect so far

I am new to reef keeping and have a 100 gallon tank with live rock, corals and a few small fish. The tank is still relatively new at about 6 months. I've continued to have cyanoalgae on my rocks and substrate so my tank maintenance guy suggested this reactor to place in my rear sump. The LFS where he works can't seem to keep this reactor in stock and I needed it ASAP so I found it on this site. The nano size fits perfectly in the sump. It was easy to set up and I got it running right away. I am using TLF bioplastics. Hopefully I will start seeing a cleaner tank in a couple weeks. I ordered on Fri and it was delivered on Mon by standard delivery to Las Vegas. That's incredible. I will certainly shop again in the future.

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brandon meyer

Reviewed on
January 13, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good Value

I have the mini. It's one of the best values for a reactor of its size. The system comes with a Rio 180. I upgraded to the 200 because of the additional gph. The only reason for 4 out of 5 stars is because A product would have to be perfect for 5 out of 5. Because the reactor has corners once in a while a pellet can get lodged in the corner for a maybe 4 seconds before another dislodges it. I dont see this as a flaw but its not a smooth flowing as the more common cylindrical style reactors. I would recommend this reactor for anyone who has a nano tank and needs it to fit in a small area.

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