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Crystal Glass Lily Pipe (12/16) with Surface Skimmer - Dymax

Crystal Glass Lily Pipe (12/16) with Surface Skimmer - Dymax


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Dymax Crystal Glass Lily Pipe 12/16 with Surface Skimmer

Lily Pipes are an ideal filter tubing solution for the aquarist who prefers to keep the focus on his/her tank inhabitants rather than unsightly plastic equipment. These Glass Lily Pipes by Dymax are crafted from the finest quality quartz glass, ensuring stunning clarity with a scratch-resistant finish. Use these glass inflow and outflow pipes in both planted and reef aquariums to provide consistent water flow while maintaining a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

This set also includes an attachable glass surface skimmer to keep the surface of the water clean and free from debris, plant trimmings, and bio-film. Accumulated substance on the aquarium`s surface is cleared with a gentle flow to ensure CO2 gas is not wasted.

  • Made from high quality quartz crystal glass
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Suitable for use in both planted aquariums and saltwater reef aquariums
  • Versatile and easy to set up
  • Helps to provide a consistent flow to all areas of an aquarium, preventing stagnant areas
  • Helps to achieve proper aeration for aquatic plant growth
  • Rid your aquarium of ugly and distracting plastic filter tubing
  • Attachable surface skimmer included

  • Outflow Pipe Length: 17CM
  • Outflow Pipe Width: 14.5CM
  • Outflow Cap Size: 5.5CM
  • Inflow Pipe Length: 17CM
  • `U` Pipe Size: 6.5CM
  • `U` Pipe Spacing: 3.8CM
  • Total Inflow Pipe Length: 29CM
  • Outflow Diameter: 1.25CM

Set Includes:
  • 1 Outflow Lily Pipe
  • 1 Inflow Lily Pipe
  • 4 Aquarium Suction Cups
  • 1 Attachable Surface Skimmer

Manufacturer information

Dymax was founded in 1997 by a husband and wife duo from Singapore. Being hobbyists themselves, their products seek to beautify and enhance the aquarium experience. Dymax believes in combining creativity with expertise and passion to produce truly unique aquarium products.

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