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Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light (18-24 inch)


Item #: CU04100

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24-Hr Saltwater reef aquarium light with wireless remote controlled effects... Right from the start, there’s a lot to love about the Current USA Orbit Marine. It’s simple, yet fully controllable. Thin and sleek, yet powerful and bright. It can do things you never thought an aquarium light could do - all programmed from the comfort of your couch.

Combining industry-first Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic LED spectrums with Current USA`s Ramp Timer Pro LED controller, the Orbit Marine creates a complete 24-hour aquarium lighting solution. Now you can simulate a gradual sunrise, sunset and customized moonlight like never before. Designed specifically for saltwater aquarium environments, the Orbit Marine is the perfect choice for marine aquarists at any level.

Amazing control Featuring control and dynamic lighting aspects you’ll have to see to believe, there is almost no limit to what you can do. The Orbit Marine includes our powerful Ramp Timer Pro LED controller with wireless IR (infrared) remote, providing two independent light channels to program:

- 24-hr on/off time, ramp up and dim down duration (0-30 minutes)
- Minimum and maximum intensity (0-100%), color adjustment
- Adjustable moon light color, brightness and duration
- On-demand weather effects including cloud cover, storm with lightning and fading moonlight

Additional memory settings allow up to four customized lighting schedules you can access at any time with one touch. Current USA has even pre-programmed two common lighting schedules and two coral acclimation modes to make it easy for your corals to adjust to their new lights. The backlit LCD screen is a thing of beauty, easy-to-read, and makes it simple to program using the IR remote.

Twice the spectrum, twice the effects The Orbit Marine packs plenty of power thanks to industry first Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic multi-chip LEDs. By incorporating two channels of dual color spectrums, Current USA has created a light fixture producing eye popping colors with vibrant shimmer. The combination of 8,000K/12,000K white along with 445nm/460nm actinic blue creates the perfect spectrum for marine fish, inverts, live rock, and corals to fluoresce like never before. Utilizing 120-degree lenses, the light spreads uniformly over your entire tank and color blends extremely well. Packaged in a sleek aluminum housing, the Orbit Marine is a brilliant lighting solution engineered for maximum tank enjoyment.

Specifically designed for saltwater aquariums, the Orbit Marine features a high ratio of blue spectrum light. This higher ratio ensures corals and other photosynthetic organisms receive proper wavelengths for strong coloration and growth.

The perfect fit... Sliding docking legs allow quick and easy adjustments for a wide variety of installations. Easy-to-install, you can always add additional fixtures to your tank and operate them using a single remote.

Low voltage, super safe LEDs... Low, 12V DC, IP65 rated LEDs making them super safe for aquarium use. 120 degree dispersion angle for optimal spread and color blending.

- Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic spectrums for vibrant color, growth and shimmer
- 24-hr gradual sunrise, sunset and moonlighting creates a natural rhythmic light cycle
- Slow ramp up prevents light shock, gently acclimates fish to bright LEDs

- Fully controllable, includes Ramp Timer Pro with wireless IR remote
- Four color spectrums specific for marine fish and reef aquariums
- Thin, sleek, aluminum housing
- Plug-and-play, easy to program, internal memory
- Adjustable docking mounts fit on a wide variety sized aquariums
- Low voltage, 12VDC and IP65 water resistant, safe for aquariums

- Fixture Size: 18"
- Fits Aquariums: 18"-24"
- Dimensions: 16.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”
- Power: 18 Watts
- LEDs: 72 (36 dual-daylight/36 dual-actinic)

Orbit Marine LED system Includes:
- 1 Orbit Marine LED fixture
- 1 Ramp Timer Pro with Wireless LED remote control
- 2 Adjustable docking mounts
- 1 12V DC UL transformer

5 Stars


Reviewed on
August 19, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great Customer Service

Pros: Lot of settings, easy to program

Cons: Loose the programming on loss of power unless you use their stock settings

Remote got dropped in the bottom of my stand in a tray that had a little salt water in it. Unfortunately I did not realize this for a couple weeks and remote was destroyed. The LED light is a couple years old and I contacted Current customer service to try and purchase a new remote. They sent me a new remote free of charge even though I explained it was my fault. Love the light and their customer service.

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Reviewed on
June 02, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Nice light

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: None

Its a great light for beginner corals or fish only tanks

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Reviewed on
May 12, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great for my Fluval 13.5

Pros: Looks very nice

Cons: Could be stronger but price is very good

Rest nicely without bracket on my nano tank. Looks very nice with additional arm bracket

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Reviewed on
December 13, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Pretty lights, and corals are responding well.

Cons: None

I want to thank the representative I spoke with by phone. He was so very helpful and took his time to explain things. He didnot rush me and answered all my questions. The light is very nice. Wow, the shipping was great. Arrived very quickly, and was well packaged for safety. Thank you Marine Depot.

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Reviewed on
April 16, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Light control and remote

Pros: All the great features

Cons: Programming the light cycle specifically the moon light cycle to shut off before 4:00am because it’s set to go on at 7:30. That’s only 3/12 hours of no light time. Want to keep the electric bill down and don’t want to burn the light out before it’s time.

Love this light but found it a little difficult to dial in and still working on it. Love the features and different modes it has.sleek design and low profile. I am not sure if I have the most current model or a older one? I also received a different remote controller that is shown in the picture? But it works fine and with my current e pumps. Since I just got it a week or so ago it would be comforting to know if it is the most current one! Who wants an order model?? I was also missing the micro usb cable but current was great because they sent me one. John

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Reviewed on
March 25, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Easy use, good price, reliable

Pros: Reliable and economical

Cons: Under-powered for SPS

I've had two of these installed over a 55 gallon thank with softies and lps. It works well, I like the programs that it comes with. A good, even spread of light without the disco ball.

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Reviewed on
January 26, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great light at a great price

Pros: Affordable

Cons: Works best with 2 for more even coverage

Worked great for my LPS dominant 55g for over a year. Great growth. 2 would be best.

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Reviewed on
October 11, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Best Value For The Money

Pros: Best Value for The Money - Light & Par Value Focus on Tank Contents, Not Your Face and Walls - Nice Controller

Cons: None

I bought this after a disappointing experience with another brand. I've been running this light for 10 months. I have 7 hard corals sitting on or within 6 inches of the bottom in a 24" deep tank. I have no issues with health or growth of those or any other elements. All of the par value of the light is focused on the tank contents instead of your face and room walls.
I like this light and really have no complaints.
It has a nice thin sleek appearance and it sits very close to the top of the tank. No issues at all resulting from splashing or misting of salt water on the light, well sealed smooth lens over the leds wipes off easy with a sponge.
Wireless remote and a clearly visible digital display. Ability to create 4 different user definable lighting profiles with customization of time and duration, ramp up, ramp down, separate intensity controls for Blue and White Led channels.

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Reviewed on
February 18, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Everything

Cons: Don't have a bad word to say about it

This little light is phenomenal. Fantastic price has my corals looking great would definitely recommend it

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Reviewed on
October 10, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Very bright

When I had this light for soft coral tank, I ran it about 60/30 Blue/white. It was the 24-36" version over a Nuvo Fusion 20 aquarium. My zoas would stay closed, or not open all the way, and other corals wouldn't look healthy. I bought another light and the same problem. Turns out, even running it halfway was still too bright. Visually compared how bright LFS stores had their lights, and turned down the light and everything is doing good. If you are running this over a shallow tank, I suggest starting low.. Maybe around 30/15 Blue/white. I'm still using my new lights, but will keep these as a nice backup system.

The controls could be simpler though.

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