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Current USA Serene Freshwater LED Lighting Kit - 24 to 36 inch


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Current USA Serene Freshwater LED Lighting Kit - 24 to 36 inch

Transform your aquarium experience.

A Complete System

Combining over the aquarium lighting, background lighting and audio, Serene will appeal to more than just your visual senses. Watch and listen as peaceful colors, sounds and lighting effects fill your aquarium. With Serene, you can transform your everyday aquarium into an extraordinary experience.

It`s All About You

Powerful and personal, Serene provides infinite possibilities for adjusting colors and syncing lights to audio for an immersive effect. Simply choose your favorite lighting scene and pair it with natural and binaural audio – it has never been easier to create a mesmerizing aquatic environment that is uniquely you.

Engaging, Day and Night

Gently fade colors while listening to a soothing rain storm or program a complete lighting cycle from sunrise to sunset. The intuitive wireless remote provides full programing and on-demand scene control, ensuring you are watching, listening and relaxing.

Inspiring Tranquility

Designed for every level aquarist, Serene is perfect for both existing aquariums and new installations. Whether it’s in your home, office or yoga studio, Serene delivers ever-changing aura of tranquility for any space.


  • Main Lighting:
    • Aluminum housing to keep the fixture cool and quiet
    • IP65 Water Resistant
    • 6 Dynamic effects:
      • Sunrise
      • Rolling clouds
      • Thunderstorm
      • Gentle Rain
      • Fluoresce
      • Starry Night
  • 24 Hour Wireless Remote Control
    • Set your color shade
    • Set one of the 4 audio sounds
    • Automate on a 24-hour schedule
  • Background LED Lighting:
    • Customizable color setting adds dramatic depth
    • Enhance the ambiance of any room
    • Intensity settings: Off, 50%, or 100%
    • RGB fades cycles through entire RGB color spectrum 
    • Color fades:
      • Deep blue to sunset orange
      • Deep blue to moss green 
      • Deep red to deep orange
  • Backlit Aquarium Background Film
    • Enhances the backlighting
    • Brings depth and character to the aquarium
    • Helps inspire aquascape design
  • Dual Speakers
    • Binaural audio
    • Watch and hear 4 different sounds to relax to:
      • Stream
      • Stargaze
      • Thunderstorm
      • Rainforest


  • Light Fixture:
    • Fits aquariums 24" to 36"
    • Power = 30 Watts
    • 36 LEDs
    • 120 degree lens
    • Dimensions without tank mounts = 22.8"L x 3.5"W x .44"H
    • Dimensions with tank mounts = 24"L x 3.5"W x .75"H
    • Note: sliding tank mounts extend 6" per side
  • Background LED Light:
    • Dimensions with USB connector = 23"L x 1"D
    • 18 RGB LEDs
    • 8 watts
    • IP68 Waterproof
    • 120 degree lens
    • 12V DC controllable
    • 3` USB cable
  • Timer:
    • Digital Display
    • Infrared Sensor
    • Dimensions = 3.25"L x .75"W x 1.75"H
    • Serene LED input
    • Background light RGB LED USB input
    • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Background Glass Film:
    • Dimensions = 37"L x 18"H


  • 1 x Serene Freshwater LED Light fixture
  • 2 x Adjustable docking mounts (pre-installed)
  • 1 x Serene Background LED Light
  • 1 x Serene Aquarium Background Film
  • 2 x Background Light Brackets
  • 1 x 12V DC UL® transformer
  • 1 x Serene 24 Hour Wireless Controller
  • 1 x Wireless remote control
  • 1 x Set of Speakers
  • Instructions

5 Stars


Reviewed on
January 22, 2021

Yes, I would recommend this.

maybe a lil bougie but i love it

Cons: speaker wiring could be longer

Beautiful kit. I'm looking forward to using it on my 12 gallon long tank.

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Reviewed on
July 17, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

One stop solution to back-lit tank

Pros: Great all in one package

Cons: Cost, speakers may not be necessarily, lots of wires

True, you could find all the different parts and put together your own back-lit kit for your aquarium, but if you want things all thought out for you, this is a nice option. The light and background film are great (I did not use the main light, only the background light as I already have a light over my tank), the speakers may be a bit over the top but I could see how some people would enjoy the full set. Overall I would recommend this set, it is definitely eye-catching once set up.

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