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D-D H2Ocean Magnesium Pro PLUS Salt Mix 6.6kg Bucket


Item #: DD2211

Temporarily Out of Stock

H2Ocean Pro+ is a new pro formula aquarium salt - produced by a solar evaporative process which produces a totally natural base salt where all of the main and trace elements are in complete balance as nature intended.

The pure natural salt is then specially enhanced for aquarium use by elevating specific elements that over time become depleted, such as calcium and magnesium which are used by corals and coralline algae for growth.

Free from Nitrate and Phosphate.


The formulation for H2Ocean+ salt has been developed by D-D following many months of testing and evaluation. The salt is designed to dissolve quickly and easily and to have a specific chemistry which in our opinion is the optimum formulation to maintain a healthy reef and allow regular water changes whilst maintaining a natural balance.

Calcium and Magnesium levels are boosted to replace that used up through coral growth within the aquarium whereas chloride levels are slightly lowered to allow post additions of calcium and magnesium chloride with a minimized affect on the chloride balance.


Many salts concentrate on boosting calcium levels and ignore magnesium levels. Maintenance of the correct magnesium concentration is equally important in a reef aquarium and will make it much easier to maintain stable calcium, pH and alkalinity.


H2Ocean Pro+ salt is recommended for use with Reverse Osmosis water or soft water with a calcium level lower than 30 mg/l. As the calcium level in H2Ocean+ is already enhanced to 440 mg/l then mixing with hard tap water which contains additional calcium may raise the concentration above normal recommended levels and cause the calcium to precipitate out of solution.

RO water removes undesirable ions like phosphate and nitrate from your tap water which otherwise would contribute to nuisance algae in your aquarium.

  • 6.6 kg makes 165 - 200 liters of saltwater (43 - 52 US Gallons)
MIXING (Using a clean container):
  • Add 1 Kg of H2Ocean+ to 24.2 litres of water (1 Lb to 2.9 U.S. Gallons )
  • Mix well until all of the salt is dissolved and the solution is clear.
  • We recommend that you aerate for 24 hours and bring to temperature before use.
  • Check the S.G. before addition to the aquarium.
  • If required add more salt or water to obtain the correct S.G. reading.
  • Remember that S.G. changes with temperature.
**D-D recommends the use of a portable refractometer for accurate and consistent measurement of the S.G. of your salt solution.
PARAMETERS: pH dKH Calcium (Ca2+) Magnesium (Mg2+) Chloride (Cl-) Potassium (K+)
Level 8.3 9.3 440 1340 19550 410
Range8.2 - 8.4 8.7 - 9.8 430 - 460 1300 - 1380 19960 - 20130 380 - 420
**Parameters are based on mixing salt to 1.0264 SG @ 25 degrees Celsius = 35 ppt

5 Stars


Reviewed on
March 26, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Best salt

Pros: Mixed easy clears up quick

Cons: None

Corals respond well to this salt compared to other brand salts

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Reviewed on
January 31, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great Salt Mix

Pros: Best all around mix that I've ever used and keeps my Cal Rector's parameters inline duuring water changes

Cons: You can only buy from MD and the buckets do crack open during shipping

After long research and trying to find a Mix that Spits the Red Sea Blue Bucket and Black Bucket in alk, This is a no brainier find.

At .35 you can expect the alk to come in at 9 to 9.3 dkh.

Cal - 420 to 430 and mag to about 1380 to 1400.

I also would like the thank Marine Depot for their sponsorship on Reef 2 Reef.

As the instructions clearly state / this is a mix that you really need to roll before use.

The buckets do crack during shipping and it would be best if they were shipped inside boxes.

Regards, GoVols

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Reviewed on
July 06, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Like the salt, hate the delivery

Pros: The Salt mix works very well

Cons: Every time I order, the bucket is cracked, the internal bag is torn, I get a box leaking salt.

The Salt has worked out very well for our reef tanks.

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Reviewed on
December 14, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


I have used many salts and this is one of the best. This salt seems to work for my tanks. There is no "junk" at the bottom of the mixing tank after I've aerated the new water for a couple of days.

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Reviewed on
November 29, 2017

No, I would not recommend this.

Not that great

Pros: None

Cons: Not true to the label when mixed

I bought this salt a while back I used it on my new system, once I mixed it to specs checked my lvls they where all low. Mybe it was a bad batch who knows. I went back to my old salt. It would have been fine for a fish only specs but not for reef specs

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Reviewed on
July 15, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Best Salt

Pros: Great for SPS

Cons: Expensive

In my opinion this is the best salt for SPS. I used it for a few years, then switched to another brand because of the cost. After just a few months I saw all my SPS suffer. I am quite sure it was the salt. I switched back and everything is looking great again. Marinedepot is one of the only places I can find this salt.

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Reviewed on
June 03, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Best salt

Cons: None

The best salt

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Reviewed on
May 16, 2017

No, I would not recommend this.


Pros: It dissolves fast?


Setting up a new tank and decided to splurge on this more expensive salt mix... before adding anything alive there was cyano bacteria and hair algae covering nearly everything. I struggled with it for a few months reducing lighting and minimizing nutrients to the tank to the point of fish starving to death. Still can't get rid of nasty brown slime covering everything in my tank including corals that start receeding as soon as I put them in. Absolutely the worst decision I have ever made getting this salt! I am having to completely start over. I will be draining my system and sanitizing everything (probably have to burn my rock and sand) To get rid of this garbage. DO NOT BUY THIS SALT!!!

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Reviewed on
February 03, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great Salt

Pros: Mixes clear and without residue, Alk, Calcium and Mag levels perfect for mixed and SPS tanks.

Cons: Not many online vendors or my LFS carries this brand

This salt mixes clear with no residue. It also tests very closely to the listed ranges for alk, calcium, mag, etc. I had switched from another brand that had very high alk in the 11-12 range and I much prefer this salt at 8-9 alk. Much less of a spike when I do 20% water changes.

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Reviewed on
December 29, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.



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