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Dennerle Nano Bio Filter Granules

Dennerle Nano Bio Filter Granules


Item #: JB58444

Temporarily Out of Stock

Dennerle Nano Bio Filter Granules 


  • Bio-filter material for clear and healthy water
  • Effectively reduces harmful substances
  • Based on natural clay mineral, baked with a porous structure
  • A large surface area for biological filtration
  • Granule Size: 2-4 mm

  • Application:

    • Rinse Bio Filter Granules thoroughly with tap water to remove unwanted particles or contaminants, and fill Nano Filter Module.
    • For best results, replace half of media every 3 months.

    Manufacturer information

    The unique character of Dennerle`s products stems from the company`s research activities. The research department is the powerhouse that drives the company, pooling the very latest findings from the field of science, the company`s knowledge acquired from its aquatic plants farm and its extensive practical experience in the world of aquaria. Information from ongoing market analyses ensures a customer-oriented approach.

    The company`s collaboration with microbiologists, chemists and botanists has spawned numerous solutions which have changed the face of the aquaria and ponds sector. The technical products, some of which have been patented, e.g. for biotope-compatible lighting, products for magnificent plants and clear water, fish foods and supplements, are hugely popular with our aquarium hobbyists.

    Dennerle`s research team collaborates with specialists from other fields as part of an interdisciplinary approach and is the driving force behind the company`s innovative prowess. The secret behind the success of Dennerle`s research department is its understanding of the natural cycles in aquatic environments. Research activities focus not on combating symptoms, but on exerting a positive influence on biological processes – the onus is on experiencing nature, rather than interfering with nature`s workings.

    4 Stars


    Reviewed on
    December 31, 2020

    Yes, I would recommend this.

    You have to know how to use it.

    Pros: Works exceedingly well.

    Cons: None.

    To those that are unaware of how to use this product, you do not need a filter module. You need the filter extension which is sold on this website. The filter extension fits on the Nano Eckfilter. As to the quality of the product, it works very well to house millions of bacteria to help keep your tank clean and healthy. Your welcome and good luck.

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    Reviewed on
    August 17, 2020

    No, I would not recommend this.

    You need a filter module

    Pros: I'm sure it would be awesome.

    Cons: Filter module not sold in usa

    I bought this thinking it could go inside the dennerle nano filter. Unfortunately you need what's called a filter module. However I have not found this piece sold in the usa. I found one somewhere else but it would ship from Germany. Something in not willing to do. So I have a useless product at the moment.

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