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Dennerle Scapers Tank - 10 Gallon Planted Aquarium Starter Kit


Item #: JB5275

Shipped by Dennerle in 3-5 business days

Everything you need to get your planted aquarium started. The Scaper`s Tank ties everything together for you, with 10 gallons of volume, LED lighting, filter, CO2 set, and substrate for plants.

Its unified front corners offer a panoramic view with a better depth effect compared to typical aquariums, giving less obstruction and a cleaner look.

The Scaper`s Tank also features a cover panel with finger hole, including holders, and heat insulating safety underlay.

The included Shrimp King Active Soil consists of up to 100% natural raw materials. Produced from a variety of carefully selected natural soils, it provides essential minerals and trace elements, which promote the health and growth of shrimps.

Shrimp King Active Soil has been developed especially for the successful keeping and breeding of shrimps. It is particularly suited to all species that like soft, slightly acidic water, especially bee shrimps, such as the popular Crystal Red, Red Bee, Tiger Bees and Shadow Shrimp.

It adjusts the water to be more like that which soft water species are accustomed to in their natural habitats. As a natural ion exchanger it reduces the pH and stabilizes it at a slightly acidic level (approx. pH 6.0-6.5). At the same time it reduces the carbonate hardness – down to close to approx. 0-2 °d CH depending on the water source - and thus makes the water considerably softer.

It also serves as a natural source of humic and fulvic acids, without discolouring the water.

Note: This substrate is not recommended for shrimp that require harder or slightly alkaline water, such as shrimp species from Sulawesi lakes.

The Nano Power LED Light has a modern, easy to install, elegant and compact design, equipped with 12 high-quality power LEDs. The spectrum is a 6500K, with a captivating shimmer that naturally renders the colors within the aquarium and provides ample lighting for plants to grow.

The nano corner filter, Eckfilter, is a high-performance device with a pump delivery rate of 150 l/h. The pump runs so smoothly and quietly that it is practically inaudible. Its modest power consumption of just 2 W additionally helps to conserve natural resources.

The water flow rate is infinitely adjustable and the filter outlet can be rotated by 90° to enable the flow of water to be channelled in any desired direction. The filter incorporates a nozzle tube with integrated cleaning slide and a mini-brush for simple cleaning of the nozzle openings.

The narrow intake openings and a very fine-pored preliminary bio foam ensure that the nano corner filter is also safe for young shrimps.

Cleaning the filter element is simplicity itself: Just grip the outflow pipe and pull the filter forward. The rear half of the filter housing remains in the aquarium. Wash the filter element in a clean bucket with aquarium water, to avoid harming the important filtering bacteria.

Designed for the Dennerle Nano Cubes, this Nano Bio CO2 Set will help add carbon dioxide to your planted system. Plants require CO2 as they are composed of almost 50% of it and need it to survive and thrive. CO2 is converted by plants via photosynthesis, as they convert the gas into sugars which they use for food. Plants that are fast growing demand more CO2 and will deplete the system, so adding some will maintain their well being and tank parameters consistent.

Bio CO2 provides a simple and safe method of CO2 fertilization, automatically producing and supplying the aquarium in the correct quantities, so there is no set up needed nor need for measuring. This makes DENNERLE Bio-CO2 ideal for all those who aren`t familiar with CO2 fertilization or for those who may wish to try the method out. After only a few weeks of CO2 fertilization, the results become evident: Plant growth improves substantially, the plants are greener, stronger and display greater vitality. The whole aquarium is brought to life.

The Plant Elixir Fertilizer will keep your aquatic plants healthy and beautiful. It prevents symptoms of iron and potassium deficiency such as yellow and translucent leaves. All important minerals and trace elements are included in a form readily available to plants.


Dennerle Nano Power-LED 5.0 Specifications:

  • Sleek slim-line design
  • 12 high quality power LEDs
  • Perfect grow light for aquatic plants
  • Long-lasting aluminum housing
  • Stainless steel mounting rods
  • Horizontally (max. 3.94 in.) and vertically (max. 7.09 in) adjustable 6.500 K, 500 Lumen, 21 V, 5.5 W

Manufacturer information

The unique character of Dennerle`s products stems from the company`s research activities. The research department is the powerhouse that drives the company, pooling the very latest findings from the field of science, the company`s knowledge acquired from its aquatic plants farm and its extensive practical experience in the world of aquaria. Information from ongoing market analyses ensures a customer-oriented approach.

The company`s collaboration with microbiologists, chemists and botanists has spawned numerous solutions which have changed the face of the aquaria and ponds sector. The technical products, some of which have been patented, e.g. for biotope-compatible lighting, products for magnificent plants and clear water, fish foods and supplements, are hugely popular with our aquarium hobbyists.

Dennerle`s research team collaborates with specialists from other fields as part of an interdisciplinary approach and is the driving force behind the company`s innovative prowess. The secret behind the success of Dennerle`s research department is its understanding of the natural cycles in aquatic environments. Research activities focus not on combating symptoms, but on exerting a positive influence on biological processes – the onus is on experiencing nature, rather than interfering with nature`s workings.

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