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Easy Blade Scraper Attachment for Algae Free Float Plus Algae Magnet Cleaner


Item #: AF49752

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New Razor blade Attachment for Float Plus Cleaners

Manufacturer information

Algae Free Aquarium Supplies
Algae Free is a Madison, WI based company that is best known for their impressive line of aquarium cleaning magnets. Far from your run-of-the-mill refrigerator magnet, Algae Free uses Neodymium (Nd on the periodic table), a rare earth magnet, to create what are widely considered the strongest and most effective aquarium cleaning magnets on the market. The inner assemblies of their magnets are non-toxic and can be left inside of your aquarium at all times without ever rusting. The replaceable natural felt pad on the outer assembly is glass and acrylic safe and the magnets float so you’ll never have to fish it out of your substrate. Algae Free also produces a wildly popular line of magnetic powerhead holders that replace the unreliable suction cups that are generally included with aquarium powerheads. An upgrade kit for the best-selling Maxi-Jet powerhead line is the latest addition to Algae Free’s growing arsenal of high-quality aquarium supplies.

1 Star


Reviewed on
May 26, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Bad Blade

Pros: None

Cons: Rusted and chewed up edge after only 10 days of use.

I have had the original scraper with the blade for about 2 years. After that amount of time I thought that it was due for replacement. I have literally had the new blade on the mag cleaner for 10 days now and the blade is rusted and one side looks like a grinder has torn into it. I would not order this again. The original 2 year old blade is in much better condition.

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