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Ecosystem Aquarium Fish Solution 16 oz.

Ecosystem Aquarium Fish Solution 16 oz.


Item #: EC3113

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Fish solution™ is the ideal all natural, multipurpose additive created for enhancing your marine aquarium environment. Outstanding results for fish only aquariums. Fish Solution™ will stimulate your fish`s appetite and you will see color return to even faded specimens. With regular use fish become vibrant and healthy. Fish Solution™ reverses head and lateral line erosion. Use Fish Solution™ daily for optimal results.

NOTE: Do not use Fish Solution™ in reef tanks.
  • Stimulate Fish Appetite
  • Restore Vibrant Colors to Fishes
  • Prevents and Reverses Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE)
  • Provides Essential Minerals
  • Maintains Exceptional Health of Fishes
  • 16 oz bottle

Manufacturer information

EcoSystem Aquarium Supplies
EcoSystem Aquarium is an environmentally conscious company that has dedicated over ten years of research to finding a more natural alternative to aquarium keeping. Through extensive experimentation, they have developed the EcoSystem Aquarium filtration method and Miracle Mud substrate. They also developed a variety of natural supplements including Reef Solution, Fish Solution, Fresh Solution, Koi Solution and Garlic Elixir that utilize biological processes found in nature. EcoSystem Aquarium products are proven to create a healthy environment that promotes the overall well-being of animals kept in the tank environment. The EcoSystem method simplifies the maintenance of aquariums by taking out the tedious guesswork, allowing both novice and experienced hobbyists alike to succeed with less effort.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
June 08, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

Excellent Product

I just started using this product in my tank for about a month now and it has increased my fish's appetites 1st off.. Also, I just bought a brand new Caribbean blue tang and he had some sort of bacterial infection after about 3 days of introducing him into my tank. I properly acclimated him into my system but just after 5 days I notice that he was starting to get white spots on him and on the on 3rd day they were totally gone. I am not sure if it was ICH or not but what ever it was it was all cleared up. I don't add any other chemicals to my tank expect Ecosystem Aquarium Fish Solution & Two Little Fishes A&B. I give this product 5 stars across the board and will continue to use it. I would HIGHLY recommend this if you have a FISH AND ROCK only tank.

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