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Eheim Feed Air Automatic Feeder


Item #: EH3581

In Stock

The 3581 "Feed-Air" Digital Auto Feeder lives up to the Eheim name with every feature possible is contained in this attractive container:

  • The electronically controlled programming allows up to 4 daily feeding cycles of flake or pellet food in either single or double serving sizes.
  • The large, easily read LCD display/clock also shows the programmed feeding times.
  • Food level monitoring is easy performed through the clear food container.
  • The integrated ventilator prevents moisture from spoiling food or clogging the unit, so maintenance is almost non-existent. This unique feeder uses every last flake in the bin to prevent waste.


  • Easy to understand programming
  • Additional programming for double feeding
  • Actively aerated food chamber
  • 100 ml capacity
  • Additional “snacks“ possible at the touch of a button
  • Function keys are splash resistant
  • Warning system quickly indicates low battery level
  • Great for fish or small turtles
  • Can also be used as a turtle feeder
  • Replace the battery every 6 months for consistent feeding


  • Eheim Feed Air Automatic Feeder
  • Mounting Bracket for open top aquariums or terrariums
  • Batteries

Optional Accessories (Sold Separately):

Manufacturer information

Eheim Aquarium Supplies
Eheim is one of the most well known and respected brands in the aquarium industry. Their reputation for producing high quality equipment at affordable prices goes back decades. The brand has a loyal following due in large part to Eheim’s reputation for producing reliable, efficient products. The company develops products that recreate the natural habitats of aquatic animals on a smaller scale. In our store you’ll find a variety of Eheim water pumps, filters, filter media, powerheads and feeding tools.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
August 27, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Perfect feeding station, BUT

Pros: Great for hobbist that can supervise operation

Cons: Have to monitor each feeding

Using flake, first spin after filling flake, great job, but after that little comes out without opening food door all the way.

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Reviewed on
January 22, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Better than the other stand alones

Pros: Works well

Easy to use but kwep in mind it wont dump any food unless the arrows are showing next to the number above the time.

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Reviewed on
December 24, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Eheim = greatness

As always, you pay a bit more for Eheim but there will rarely be any regret. Such is the case for this item. You will need to read the directions carefully as it is a feature rich feeder with multiple settings and timing feeds available.

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Reviewed on
September 11, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Eheim Air Feeder

Pros: reliability

Cons: clock is a little slower than actual time.

Great feeder for the price. Does exactly what you need it to do and it's been very reliable.

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Reviewed on
July 03, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Auto feeder

Pros: Easy use

Cons: Wish it could be set up to a controller or maybe wifi

Excellent product well constructed easy set up
Have tried many other should have bought this one first

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Reviewed on
April 27, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good feeder

Pros: Easy to set, batteries last long

Cons: Sliding dispenser door is a hit and miss especially with flake foods

This has been working good this far ( nearly a year). I have change the batteries as of yet. The dispense slot is a hit and miss at times . I therefore set to feed multiple times per day.

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Reviewed on
March 31, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

It works

Pros: Reliable

Cons: I would be nice if it had a "skip next feed" button to pause for tank cleaning or special meal

I've been using this for about three months and only with small pellets. I adjusted the dispense door and I needed one in the middle so some tape across half the opening worked. It feeds every time, has a low battery indicator and the food stays dry with the little fan in it.

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Reviewed on
March 26, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

easy to program and reliable

easy to program and reliable fish feeder; however, there's no easy way to attach it to your tank

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Reviewed on
February 26, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Doesn't last

Cons: Horrible customer service and support.

It stopped working after about 6 months. send it in to the manufacture for warranty and they gave me the run around and after 4 months of telling me they don't have parts to fix it, they didn't honor the warranty and kept my unit. Terrible customer service. very disappointing. Do no recommend.

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Reviewed on
April 12, 2018

No, I would not recommend this.

Horrible! will not recommend.

besides the item stopping to function properly, this company has one of the worst customer services in the industry! It stopped working after a few months, I send it back to the manufacture for warranty and its been over two months and they still have no idea when I will get a replacement and when I did call to inquire about what was going on, the supposedly manager yells over the phone and hangs up! Will not recommend the product or the company. Look for a different brand that will stand behind their product.

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