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Eheim Hose 12/16mm 0.50in/0.65in (10ft)

Eheim Hose 12/16mm 0.50in/0.65in (10ft)

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Item #: EH4004943

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Eheim Hose 12/16mm or 0.50"/0.65" (10 ft)

EHEIM quality hoses are available in various sizes and lengths. The range includes all diameters used in fishkeeping. The material is phenol free, flexible and guarantees a safe connection. EHEIM tubing is great for extending or replacing older worn tubing.

Manufacturer information

Eheim Aquarium Supplies
Eheim is one of the most well known and respected brands in the aquarium industry. Their reputation for producing high quality equipment at affordable prices goes back decades. The brand has a loyal following due in large part to Eheim’s reputation for producing reliable, efficient products. The company develops products that recreate the natural habitats of aquatic animals on a smaller scale. In our store you’ll find a variety of Eheim water pumps, filters, filter media, powerheads and feeding tools.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
August 04, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Quality German engineering

Pros: Doesn’t kink, clog or leak

Cons: Not cheap.

Eheim is the Mercedes of the aquarium industry. Even their hose is superior: it doesn’t kink, allow algae to clog, nor does it leak. For a long term installation stick with Eheim.

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michael wiley

Reviewed on
October 03, 2011

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works great and was long enoug

I was setting up a 60 gallon tank with an Eheim 2026, but I couldn't put the canister under the tank itself, I needed to put it off to the side of the dressers that it's sitting on and this hose let me do just that. Tanks all set up and my fish are extremely happy. I only wish that the 2026 has come with 10 feet of hose in the box rather than the supplied 6 ft, but that should probably go in a review for the 2026.

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carolyn cabrera

Reviewed on
July 12, 2011

Yes, I would recommend this.


Just the right size and length

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Reviewed on
March 27, 2011

Yes, I would recommend this.

The Very Best

Eheim hose is the best money can buy. Period. The ONLY setback is that it's measured in MM and not Inches. So...some of the fittings might be too tight or too loose. Regardless, get this hose anyway. It blows the other stuff away.

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scott younger

Reviewed on
January 31, 2010

Yes, I would recommend this.

Excellent hose

Used my Eheim canister filter with a UV sterilizer on my new tank. Since I needed longer hoses, I decided to stay with the same brand. Hoses are excellent and fit perfectly.

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craig freeman

Reviewed on
October 15, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great tubing

My Eheim 2215 classic filter has been a workhorse and when I moved it to a new tank I needed more tubing. I wanted it to match the original so what better than the company brand. At $1.40US a foot it is expensive but it is also a perfect fit for my Eheim products.

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