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Biological Filter Media

A build-up of toxic nitrogenous wastes is a natural result of all aquarium inhabitant's life processes. In nature, the body of water is large enough to dissipate or dilute these wastes. Some will even be converted into usable energy by living organisms. Within an aquarium however, without a powerful biological breakdown of these toxins, the fish literally poison themselves. This is the reason why biological filtration is the most desirable of all aquarium filtration.

This type of filtration is the purification of the aquarium water by using living organisms, such as nitrifying bacteria. These desirable bacteria will attach themselves to all hard surfaces within the aquarium system. They use the toxins as a food, converting harmful toxins such as ammonia and nitrite into less harmful nitrate. Nitrate can then be removed by performing regular water changes.

After prolonged use, mechanical and chemical filter media will act in a biological manner. They provide some surface area for bacterial colonization but this is actually very limited. In order to provide the greatest amount of surface area for bacteria colonies, filter media such as EHFISUBSTRAT or EHFILAV should be used.

Eheim Biological Filter Media EHFILAV
Eheim EHFILAV Filter Media A naturally occuring porous volcanic rock which is ideal for biological filtration where large debris is present such as ponds and highly stocked aquariums. This natural product is pre-tested for impurities before packaging to ensure that it is free of toxins.
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Reef Aquarium
Reef Aquarium
Eheim Biological Filter Media SUBSTRAT PRO
Eheim SUBSTRAT PRO Filter Media Eheim's new superior biological media that improves and optimizes the performance of Ehfisubstrat. It is for highly active water purification with intensive biological decomposition of harmful substances. For use in all canister filters. Can be used in all applications like in any filter system, extra media for wet/dry sumps and in power filter media containers. It can also be used as a replacement media for the Eheim AquaBall. It is pH & KH neutral so it does not affect the water chemistry. It has a larger pore structure to ensure optimum bacterial colonisation and delays the silting-up of the pores (for much longer intervals between cleaning).
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EH2510021Eheim SUBSTRAT Pro Biological Filtration Media, 0.25L$10.49
EH2510051Eheim SUBSTRAT Pro Biological Filtration Media,1L$24.76
EH2510101Eheim SUBSTRAT Pro Biological Filtration Media, 2L$32.49
EH2510751Eheim SUBSTRAT Pro Biological Filtration Media, 5L$75.99
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