Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API FilStar xP Canister Filters

It’s no wonder the API Filstar xP canister filters received an industry recognition award for the best aquarium filter! Easy-to-use and extremely powerful with multi-stage filtration and bypass-free circulation, the API Filstar continues to raise the bar for the best possible aquarium filtration.

Easy to Install:
  • Adjustable Height inlet tube, fits even the deepest aquariums.
  • Modular outlet system adjusts to any aquarium.
  • 160 degree rotation of inlet/outlet nozzles.
Easy to Use:
  • Self-priming, easy start system.
  • Unique one-step water shut-off and disconnect control lever.
  • Easily accessible flow control from above tank level.
  • Disposable filtration pouches for easy clean-up.
  • Multi-use filtration baskets with handles for easy maintenance.
  • Built in handles for easy carrying of filter during maintenance.
  • Easily accessible impeller.
Maximum Performance:
  • Efficient 3-stage filtration: mechanical, chemical & Biological.
  • Bypass-free: ensures complete water flow through the filter media.
  • Maximum capacity baskets hold large amounts of filtration media.
  • Long-life shaft will not degrade, even in salt water.
Maximum Reliability:
  • Unique anti-airlock system ensures continuous flow.
  • Self-locking water shutoff system prevents accidental flow during maintenance.
  • Rubber feet prevent slipping and dampen noise and vibration.
  • Barbed nozzles and safety clips (included) ensure a water tight connection.
  • Anti-overheating design protects motor if filter is clogged.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API FilStar Canister Filter
Item #DescriptionFlow RatePrice 
AP7311API FilStar XP Canister Filter - S (Up To 45 Gallons)250gph$105.99
AP7313API FilStar XP Canister Filter - M (Up To 75 Gallons)300gph$135.99
AP7315API FilStar XP Canister Filter - L (Up To 175 Gallons)350gph$161.99
AP7317API FilStar XP Canister Filter - XL (Up To 265 Gallons)450gph$199.99
Filter Media
Item #DescriptionPrice 
AP7331API FilStar Foam 20$8.89
AP7333API FilStar Foam 30$8.89
AP7351API FilStar Micro-Filtration Pad$5.79
AP7343API FilStar Super Activated Carbon$6.59
AP7353API Filstar Progressive Micro-Filtration Pad$7.09