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First Defense Fish Stress Relief (16 oz) - Reef Pure - Dr. Tim`s Aquatics

First Defense Fish Stress Relief (16 oz) - Reef Pure - Dr. Tim`s Aquatics

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Got New Fish?  First Defense will help them adapt to their new home, helping our aquatic friends boost their immune system and relieve stress.

First Defense should be used when doing partial water changes, disease treatment, or when fish are showing signs of stress.

Environmental changes can be highly stressful for fish, and can strip them of nutrients which can weaken their immune system. With a mixture of vitamins and immunostimulants, First Defense helps fish, as well as other aquatic livestock cope and adapt to their new surroundings, relieving stress that occurs from sudden changes of environment and water quality conditions.  Less stress, the less likely the fish will become succumb to illness.

First Defense can also be used to neutralize chlorine and chloramine, buffers pH from swinging, and detoxifies heavy metals.


  • Reduces fish stress
  • Promotes healing, repairing wounds and fights disease
  • Vitamins help fight lateral line erosion (LLE)
  • Great for freshwater dips of marine fish
  • Chelating agent detoxifies heavy metals
  • Buffers pH
  • Neutralizes chlorine and chlormamine
  • Safe for invertebrates


  • Dosage: 5 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water
  • 16 ounces will treat up to 960 gallons of aquarium water

Manufacturer information

Dr. Tim`s Aquatics is the merging of the twin passions of the founder: fishkeeping and science. They make setting up and maintaining an aquarium easy by sharing practical advice and proven products developed through years of experience and their own real science.

Their products are developed with a simple goal – to make fishkeeping easy. You don`t need to be a biologist or chemist - they`ve got that covered! You don`t have to make mistakes – they`ve made hundreds so you can learn from them. Just have a little patience. There`s no magic or secrets – they`ve done the research and produced the products.

Dr. Tim has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers on nitrifying bacteria and filtration for aquariums and aquatic life-support systems. He also has written dozens of articles and columns for aquarium trade and hobby magazines. He has been an invited speaker to many national and international conferences and regularly speaks to aquarium societies.

Dr. Tim hold numerous patents for nitrifying bacteria, their use to accelerate nitrification in aquatic systems and their detection using molecular methods.

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