Food Soak and Vitamins for Aquariums

In an aquarium, fish only receive the nutrition you provide. While feeding a variety of high quality fish flake and pellets provides most nutrition, fish benefit from a fish vitamin, like Selcon or Vitachem. Just spray or drip the vitamins according to directions onto the food before feeding. Many vitamins also benefit coral nutrition and can be added to coral food or directly into the fish tank.

Head and lateral line erosion, also known as HLLE disease or hole in the head, sometimes appears on fish, especially tangs. HLLE appears as pitted lateral lines or holes near the fish’s head. Some studies suggest long term activated carbon use may contribute to HLLE by removing a trace element. Fish vitamins like American Marine Selcon have been shown to prevent and help cure HLLE. Other HLLE causes may include stray voltage and high nitrates; vitamins are not a cure all.
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