Fish Food and Coral Food

We have a huge selection of dry, liquid, frozen and refrigerated foods available for tropical fish, corals and invertebrates. Variety is very important for the overall health of the organisms in your aquarium. Giving a mixture of dry flakes/pellets along with some frozen foods for fish can help give them a balanced diet.

Dry foods are available in flake, pellet and freeze-dried forms and are the easiest food to feed to your fish. They can be feed by hand or used in automatic feeders. It is best to get about a 3-6 month supply of food as the vitamins in the foods break down fairly quickly. If buying in larger quantities it is suggested to keep a portion in the freezer and take out small amounts to use within a couple of months. Splitting up the larger contain in to smaller bags and trying to force out any trapped air helps keep it fresher.

Dry food manufacturers include Ocean Nutrition, Elos, Two Little Fishes, and San Francisco Bay Brand.

Liquid foods are excellent for filter feeding invertebrates. These foods are a great supplement to help your corals thrive. Some of our more popular brands include Kent Marine, Brightwell Aquatics and AlgaGen.

Our frozen food* selection includes such tasty treats as brine shrimp, krill, bioplankton and mysis shrimp, all excellent foods to feed to your fish and corals. Customer favorites include Rod’s Fish Food, Piscine Energetics Inc. and Ocean Nutrition.

*Frozen and refrigerated foods are shipped via overnight (next day) service and additional shipping charges will apply.

Fish Food and Coral Food Top Sellers