Fish Food for Tropical Fish and Reef Aquariums

Dry Aquarium Food
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tropical Fish Food
Complete, balanced diet for marine fish, bottom-feeders, algae eaters, cichlid, tropical fish and goldfish. Also available, Pyramid Fish Feeders which automatically feeds your fish when you're on vacation.
Cobalt Aquatics Fish Food
Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis have been incorporated into every flake, improving digestion, resulting in less waste. Includes the signature Cobalt BLUE flake with immunostimulants and a triple-vitamin boost which help fight off disease and helps keep it in top shape and color.
Coral Frenzy 'The Ultimate Coral Food' Aquarium Fish Food
Developed to reach certain specifications for feeding a coral tank. Designed to be an all in one food source for your corals.
Elos Fish Food
Variety of fish foods available—for marine, bottom feeders, filter feeders, coral food, etc.
ESV Spray-Dried Phytoplankton Aquarium Fish Food
The most versatile food available to the aquarist. Spray-Dried Marine Phytoplankton effectively eliminates the need for purchasing/culturing live phytoplankton cultures.
H2O Life Aquarium—Seaweed, Fish & Coral Food
H2O Life specializes in the V's—vitamins, vitality, vibrant colors and voracious appetites—creating foods that are high in protein and enriched with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and K.
New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Food
New Life Spectrum foods noticeably increases both color and vigor in both marine and freshwater. Premium ingredients produce results superior to other pellets.
Neptune Systems CD Crossover Diet Fish and Coral Food
Neptune Systems worked closely with Reed Mariculture to come up with exclusive new food based on their TDO Chroma Boost that would dispense in consistent quantities from the Apex AFS and bring out the vibrant colors in your fish.
Nutramar Aquarium Fish Food
Micra, made exclusively from fresh baby prawn (5-10mm); Juva, made exclusively from fresh prawn larvae (2-5mm); Ova, all natural prawn eggs, ideal size for feeding corals and smaller fish; Ogo, freeze dried gracilaria algae.
Ocean Nutrition Tropical Fish Food
An excellent alternative to frozen food. Formula One and Two, Prime Reef and Brine Shrimp Plus in addition to Natural dried Marine Seaweed Select Algae and brine shrimp eggs. Betta food now available.
OSI Fish Food (Aquarium Flakes and Brine Shrimp Eggs)
A superb food for your fish. Marine flakes, Spirulina Flakes, Color Enhancing flakes and Brine Shrimp eggs available.
Poly Lab Reef-Roids Food
Excellent food source for all filter feeding corals. With continued use, your filter feeding corals will experience faster growth and better colors.
Salifert Energy Plus Granular Fish Food
Energy Plus does not pollute the water and is an unsurpassed granular food for marine fish (just compare the ingredient list with other brands and you will be surprised). It contains approx. 20 times more protein than good quality frozen food.
San Francisco Bay Brand Tropical Fish Food
Freeze dried foods including Brine Shrimp, Bloodworms, Plankton & Tubifex worms. A great treat for your fish. Also Brine Shrimp eggs for hatching your own shrimp.
Tropical Shrimp Sticks
Tropical Shrimp Sticks are made with dried sea almond leaves and spirulina plantensis for enhanced immunity.
Two Little Fishies Fish Food
Includes MarineSnow, a natural planktonic food for filter feeding, Phytoplan, Zooplan, Mixed Seaweed flakes & SeaVeggies, sheets of natural seaweeds. High quality foods.
Frozen/Refrigerated Aquarium Food
DT's Phytoplankton & Oyster Eggs Fish Food
DT's Plankton Farm utilizes advanced cell separation technology to separate algae cells from culture without damaging the living cells to create a line of highly nutritious foods for corals and clams.
H2O Life Frozen Tropical Fish Food
A full line of frozen foods, including Mysis shrimp, Cyclops, Bloodworms, Brine Shrimp, Daphnia, Krill Pacifica Plankton and more.
Ocean Nutrition Tropical Fish Food
Made from a sophisticated blend of the freshest seafoods and algae from around the world with the intent of duplicating the specialized natural diets of marine tropical fishes.
Nutramar Ova Fish Food
Made from all natural prawn eggs. These eggs are highly nutritious and are an ideal size (1/16" diameter) for feeding corals and smaller fish. Also been used to successfully feed Mandarin gobies and pipefish as well as other well known finicky eaters.
Piscine Energetics Inc. PE Freshwater Mysis Shrimp Aquarium Fish Food
Has naturally higher fatty acid profiles and Omega-3's than enriched brine shrimp. Frozen freshwater mysis shrimp for fresh and saltwater aquarium fish. Induces an energetic feeding response in even finicky aquarium fish.
Rod's Fish Food
The complete food with the very best ingredients that will feed your entire reef!
San Francisco Bay Brand Tropical Fish Food
Easy to feed frozen cubes like Marine Cuisine, Saltwater Multi-Pack (Marine Cuisine, Emerald Entrée, Squid, and Omega-3 enriched Brine Shrimp) and Emerald Entrée.
Liquid Foods
AlgaGen ReefPods Fish Food & Coral Smoothie Coral Food
ReefPods are the only truly tropical live copepod culture available on the market today. Coral Smoothie has been designed to provide the variety of food items found on tropical coral reefs.
American Marine Selcon Aquarium Fish Food
Selcon is comprised of vitamins, marine lipids and highly unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and is most commonly used as an aquarium food booster. Great for frozen or freeze-dried foods and even flakes or pellets.
Brightwell Aquatics Coral Food
A full line of liquid foods and food soaks for feeding your corals and enhancing frozen, freeze dried or flake foods. Chose from products such as Reef Snow, Zooplanktos-M (zooplankton), PhytoGolf-M (phytoplankton) and many others.
Continuum Aquatics Fish & Coral Food
A complete line of invert foods: Ocean Snow Marine Snow Replicator, Zoo Blast Wide Range Zooplankton Complex and Phyto-Blast Wide Range Phytoplankton Complex. Formulated for feeding hard and soft corals, sponges, filter feeding worms, tunicates, clams and some marine fish.
Elos Liquid Aquarium Coral Food
Omega Amino Acid: the first amino acid integrator available on the aquarium market; Pro Skimmer- Coral Nourishment (SPS): reproduces the suspended colloidal matter founded in the natural seawater; high bio-available carbohydrate source
Doctor Eco Systems Eco Eggs
A nutritious, high protein, high fat, Omega 3 and 6 rich, natural food source suspended in a nutrient rich brine for freshwater and marine fish, inverts, and corals.
Kent Marine Aquarium Invert Food
A variety of foods to feed your filter feeding corals and food supplements to enhance your frozen, freeze dried or live foods.
Korallen-Zucht ZEOfood Aquarium Coral Food
ZEOfood contains amino acids and vitamins for optimal coral growth. ZEOvit Coral Vitalizer interacts with your corals by directly satisfying their carbon demands and reducing the need to harbor massive densities of tissue zooxanthellae (symbiotic algae).
Seachem Laboratories Reef Phytoplankton Aquarium Food
A concentrated blend of green and brown marine phytoplankton designed to provide the essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, with biological carotenoids for invertebrate diet. Size ranges from 1-20 µm to feed a broad range of filter feeders and invertebrates.
Two Little Fishies MarineSnow Plankton Diet Aquarium Fish Food
A Natural Planktonic Food for Filter Feeding Marine Invertebrates.
Feeding Tools & Accessories
AquaMaxx onPoint Coral Feeder
Great for target-feeding liquid coral foods and other small-sized foods. At 18" long with an angled tip this feeder makes it easy to feed in those hard to reach areas of your tank.
Current USA AquaChef Fish Feeder
Handles almost any kind of fish food. Easy to program, automatically feed your fish up to 3 times/day. Prevents moisture from spoiling the fish food while also mixing and crumbling the food at each feeding.
Eheim Automatic Feeder
The electronically controlled programming allows up to 4 daily feeding cycles of flake food in either single or double serving sizes. Battery operated.
H2O Life Coral Feeder II
The new Coral Feeder is a big improvement over the previous one. Significantly longer; Clear plastic instead of cloudy; Medical laboratory quality rubber bulb; Accurately marked at each 1/10 mL, etc.
Hydor EKOMIXO Fish Feeder - Battery-Operated w/ Air Connection
Features one touch operation that makes automatic fish feeding simple and easy. Battery operated.
JBJ Aqua - Feed Automatic Fish Feeder
Programmable Intuitive Set-Up. Can be used with different foods from 1mm in size to approximately 1.9 cm in size: including pellets, flakes and freeze-dried foods. Sinking pellets between 1mm-5mm is optimal.
Kent Marine Nautilus Sea Squirt Feeding Prong
Used to deliver foods in suspension or liquid supplements. Extendable prong at tip of Sea Squirt may be used to deliver meaty-foods to anemones, eels, and other organisms that must generally be fed by hand.
NextReef Frozen Fish Food Strainer
NextReef Frozen Food Strainers are a convenient way to thaw, rinse and feed those meaty foods to your tank.
Ocean Nutrition Feeding Frenzy Feeding Tools
Simple but ingenious tools for making the experience of feeding your fish more enjoyable, more effective and easier than ever before. Includes Seaweed clips for dried algae.
San Francisco Bay Brand Brine Shrimp Breeding (Hatchery) Kits
Hatch your own brine shrimp for feeding your fish. Simple and easy to use.
Taam Rio Coral Feeder Set
Designed for the direct feeding of liquefied and particulate foods to SPS corals, LPS corals and filter feeding corals. Can also be used to eradicate detris and excess debris from those hard to reach areas of the aquarium.
Tom Aquatics Feeding Station & Hatch Feeder
Floating Feeding Station: Allows for surface feeding without turning off filters. Hatch 'N Feeder, Patented Brine Shrimp Hatchery: Feed live food to your fish; Simple to use, easy to feed your fish.
Two Little Fishies Julian's Thing Coral Feeding Tool
Use it for feeding corals, anemones, zoanthids, seahorses and other timid or slow moving fishes. Use it for applying solutions onto Aiptasia and manjano anemones. Use it for spot welding corals in place or to siphon out small things or to blow jets to clean the sand.
Two Little Fishies Feeding Tools
A variety of unique tools to help make feeding your aquarium fun, easy, and mess free.
ZooMed Feeding Tongs
A convenient sanitary way of hand-feeding a variety of foods to your pet.
We have a huge selection of dry, frozen and refrigerated foods available for tropical fish, corals and invertebrates.

Dry foods are available in flake, pellet and freeze-dried forms and are the easiest food to feed to your fish. Dry food manufacturers include Ocean Nutrition, Elos, Two Little Fishes, and San Francisco Bay Brand.

Our frozen food* selection includes such tasty treats as brine shrimp, krill, bioplankton and mysis shrimp, all excellent foods to feed to your fish and corals. Customer favorites include Rod’s Fish Food, Liquid Life’s Planktons and Ocean Nutrition.

Refrigerated foods*, like DTs Phytoplankton & Oyster Eggs and Liquid Life Marine Coral Plankton, are excellent for corals and clams and should be incorporated into your regular feeding routine(s).

*Frozen and refrigerated foods are shipped via overnight (next day) service and additional shipping charges will apply.