H2O Life GVH Fish & Coral Food Soak

It’s all about the V...

Vitamins, Vitality, Vibrant colors, and Voracious appetites... H2O LIFE brings a whole new meaning to the “V” word. It’s what you get when you take Vitamins and add Garlic—nature’s own miracle elixir that brings a mysteriously attractive flavor together with a “magical” ability to prevent and perhaps defeat disease organisms, and HUFA’s—the Omega Connection made from coldwater Omega 3 fish oils, which fill the nutritional gap essential for sustained growth and viability in fish and invertebrates, both marine and freshwater. The H2O concept is to roll all of these nutritional benefits into one concentrated, easy-to-use supplement to be soaked into fish foods, seaweeds, and/or coral foods, just a few minutes prior to feeding.

With this simple concept, H2O LIFE introduces four new vitamin products for the nutritional well-being of your prized underwater pets:

V3—A superior “Triple-Strength” Vitamin, Amino Acid and Trace Mineral Supplement. Use this highly-concentrated vitamin/amino booster frequently to supplement any type of fish foods before feeding to boost the immune system, as well as the vitality, activity and appetite of your fish. Once the food is placed in the aquarium, added nutritional benefit for the community inhabitants will result from small amounts of the V3 releasing into the aquarium water itself.

V2H Coral Food Soak—This product is just like GVH but without the Garlic—which can be noxious to corals. The superior combination of vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and HUFA’s should be used with any food for corals. For dry foods we recommend frequent usage. Put a few drops onto food before feeding and allow 10 to 15 minutes for soaking in. For fresh or frozen foods, add a few drops to a food/water mixture and soak for 30 minutes to several hours before feeding.

GVH Fish Food Soak—Contains Garlic, Vitamins, and HUFA’s plus 3 types of phyto-plankton including Spirulina, Tetraselmis and Isochrysis. This supplement is the total package of essential nutrient supplements for fish foods. We highly recommend to use this product frequently with any dry foods which can be greatly fortified when soaked with this product for 5 minutes or more. Also, use GVH 2 or 3 times per week with fresh or frozen foods, soaking thoroughly and for longer periods of time (at least 15 minutes and up to 3 hours).

GVH Seaweed Soak—Like GVH Fish Food Soak, this product contains Garlic, Vitamins and HUFA’s. However, it is made especially for soaking seaweed fish foods so we do not add the micro-algae (phyto-plankton) component. We use a very rich extract from fresh garlic that readily soaks into dry seaweed. Many marine hobbyists swear by the beneficial effects of garlic when used to prevent or even eliminate diseases caused by harmful micro-organisms.
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H2O Life V3 Vitamin/Amino Acids
V3 Vitamin/Amino Acid Soak is a concentrated vitamin supplementation for enriching all aquarium foods. A unique blend of vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and multiple other higher nutritious ingredients. Each 2oz bottle comes with an ease to use push top cap. H2O Life V3 Vitamin/Amino Acids Soak