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Fluval C.O.B. Nano LED Aquarium Lighting


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The Fluval C.O.B Nano Aquarium LED offers a hybrid spectrum and 9000 K color temperature that supports fish-only marine tanks, as well as plant and coral species that require lower light levels, providing flexibility for your freshwater or saltwater NANO environment. Designed in Germany and backed by a dependable 3-year warranty, C.O.B. also features a newly designed mounting bracket with flexible positioning, a performance-enhancing IP67 waterproof rating, and wide angle light dispersion for greater area coverage.

C.O.B. (Chip On Board) Technology

Chip-on-board technology packs multiple mini LEDs into a tighter space, resulting in high-energy efficiency, better spectral performance and greater light output.

Adjustable Positioning

  • Easy mounting with secure grip
  • Repositionable

Advanced Waterproofing

C.O.B. LED features an IP67 waterproof rating, which allows it to endure regular splashing and even temporary submersion should it be dropped in your aquarium accidentally.

Wider Coverage

Each individual LED casts 120 degrees of illumination for wider area coverage and uniform lighting without dead spots.

Deeper Coverage

Unlike other LEDs, COB LED can be safely mounted directly above the water surface for greater light penetration and efficience. There is also no need to install a sliding top, which can accumulate stains and reduce light quality

  • C.O.B (Chip On Board) technology – multiple mini LEDs packed into a tighter space provide greater energy-efficiency, spectral performance and light output
  • Adjustable positioning – up/down and side-to-side
  • New over-the-glass mounting design with repositionable, secure grip
  • Industry leading IP67 waterproof rating – light can be mounted directly above water surface for greater light penetration
  • Deep coverage – each individual LED casts 120° of illumination for wider, uniform lighting without dead spots
  • Dimensions: 2.5 in (6.3 cm) diameter
  • LEDs: 14
  • Wattage: 6.5 W
  • Lumens: 290 lm
  • Color temperature: 9000K
  • Lifetime: 50 000 hrs
  • Par / Lux by Depth: 3 in (8 cm) = 261 / 15950, 6 in (15cm) = 88 / 5500, 12 in (30cm) = 32 / 1640

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