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Coral Glue, Epoxy & Adhesives

Want to know how to mount coral frags? Glue for coral frags is useful for attaching hard corals to frag plugs. Fragging soft corals requires more finesse. Some soft corals, like Zoas, may attach with coral glue. Other soft corals can be temporarily fixed to a frag disk with string so that the frag attaches itself to the surface.

Want to know how to put coral frags on live rock? Many corals come on ceramic plugs. Affix coral on live rock by placing the plug in a hole and using coral epoxy or coral putty to set it in place. After adding coral to live rock, the coral will slowly grow over the plug and attach to the live rock.

Aquarium safe putty is useful for aquascaping, but it won’t glue rock together. Aquarium putty will help secure live rock in a certain position but won’t defy gravity or bind rock together.


Seachem Reef Glue - 20g
Boston Aqua Farms Colored Reef Epoxy Putty 2oz
D-D AquaScape Aquarium Epoxy Grey - 4oz


Aquaforest AF Poly Glue 250ml
10% off



Boston Aqua Farms Thicker Reef Glue 2oz
Maxspect Coral Tools Coral Glue Gun

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